Recycled Jar Supply Station and 20 Classroom Ideas

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This past week and a half I have been sharing more and more great ideas for classroom to help cheer it up and get it ready for Back to School!  From classroom decor to learning centers and parent communication, there are lots of great ideas for teachers and parent volunteers.  Each day I featured a different product.  I am so very thankful for the sponsors who support creativity and classroom connections like these.  I hope you find a project that is perfect for you.  Many of these projects are made with the dies that I designed for Ellison Education/Sizzix!

Personally, I love them all but I have to say that this recycled jar project is a favorite.  I used jars from olives, pickles, salsa and jelly To create it, I did the following:

Paint the Jars! – Paint around the rims with a HEAVY coat of acrylic paint.  I used DecoArt’s Americana line of paints for this.  Let the paint drip and dry completely (like 24 hours at least) before spraying a coat of clear sealer to cover.

Paint the Lazy Susan! – I used spray paint then let it dry.

Use AdTech’s hot glue to adhere the jars to the lazy Susan.  I glued a clear glass jar in the center first to fill with scissors and rulers.

Fill it up!

I LOVE it.

A lot of my projects are completed with my Ellison Superstar machine and dies that I design.

Cheers to Back to School and Creative Classrooms,




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47 thoughts on “Recycled Jar Supply Station and 20 Classroom Ideas”

  1. My favorite craft supplies are my Sizzix dies. I can make so much with them! Very easy to use, and great to make into just about anything!

  2. My favorite craft supplies are whatever I am using at the moment since I do a lot of various crafts.

  3. It is so hard to pick a favorite craft supply since I love all things crafty! I am really loving inks and dies currently! By the way, I absolutely love your painted jar idea, they look so amazing! I might have to scrap lift it for using it in my craft room! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  4. Oh wow.. I don’t have a die cutting machine and it would be awesome to win such a great prize. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I work pretty much only with felt. My absolute favorite craft supply is a tiny needle-nose pliers. Sometimes that needle just doesn’t want to go through, but with a little help from Old Trusty, there’s no project I can’t finish!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway- I wasn’t able to follow @laurakellydesigns. The link didn’t work, and it didn’t come up under the search. @laurakellyart was no problem. I hope I didn’t do something wrong!

  6. I have tote with all my favorites + I’m always adding to it. Different sizes of scissors, glues, pencils, rulers/slides and tape measure as well as needles/pins & buttons

  7. Hard to say what’s my favorite but I have to have rotary cutter, cutting board, paper, pencils, glue sticks, glue and scissors.

  8. loved the way you colored the glass containers – looks like a very fun project, I might have to give this a try, would be a perfect way to hold all my favorite ink pens. I love drawing amoung other things, but this would be a great way to have all my favorite ink pens handy both at home and at the office.

  9. My favorite art supplies are oil pastels. I wasn’t allowed to have them as a child, so I use them a lot now.

  10. My favorite craft supply is die cuts!!! So I really, really, REALLY hope I win! ? Thank you for a chance.

    PS unable to follow @laurakellydesigns for this and last giveaway. Says link cannot be found

  11. Hmmm, What don’t I love to use. Felt gives a great textile feeling. Sewing, glueing, cutting and so many other ways to use it.

  12. I love to do crafts and I have so many favorite craft supplies! I love felt! I love chalkboard markers! I love @scentos
    I love anything that helps share my creativity!!!

  13. My favorite craft supplies are scrapbooking papers, and stickers,and all sorts of great stuff to make everything

  14. My favourite craft supplies is paper! All kinds of paper, plain and printed. You don’t even need scissors or glue when you fold it. So simple!

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