Recycled Sketch Pad Cover Writing Mat

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NOOOOOOO!  Who threw this away.  Don’t these kiddos know that the bestest most awesomest chipboard ever is the backing from these sketch pads?  This is the perfect size for a recycled sketch pad cover writing mat!


Seriously, I need one.  My picnic table did not get waterproofed in time and it is uneven.  Yes, we need to replace the top boards.  No, it is not happening this week. Sooooo….I solved the problem of wanting to sit on my deck and write letters like this.  (I still LOVE to write letters even thought email and messaging are a part of my reality.)  These note cards are ones I designed for Expressionery and are called Polka Dot Flower Folding Notes.  You can get them HERE!


This is how I made it.  A little Aleene’s adhesives and some awesome ribbons from Offray and ta da!  It took literally like 5 minutes.


This worked out great.  I am going to make a couple more for the girls!  Wait, maybe I will have them do the making!

If you are wondering about that refreshing looking drink.  Here’s the scoop.  Last night at the movie theater I mixed Diet Coke with ORANGE.  I love that you can make over 100 different combinations with that new fancy soda machine.  It was super yummy so I put oranges in my Diet Coke at home today.  It is now a thing here.


Happy Recycling and Communicating with the Written Word,


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2 thoughts on “Recycled Sketch Pad Cover Writing Mat”

  1. wow neat! I love that you are a writer 🙂 your new writing mat is lovely, I think it will really encourage some happy thoughts when note writing! You know, it’s so funny I like to try the different combos in that soda machine, never even thought to do it at home! Duh me! Thanks for joining us at the creative challenge!!

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