Resin Crafts Dinosaur Toys for DIY Math Manipulatives

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Create darling mini dinosaurs for endless play and learning.

Kids love dinosaurs and we all know that learning and playing is most fun when done with things we love. These resin dinosaur toys are super easy to make and can be totally customized with paints and permanent markers. If you really want to get fancy, sparkles and glitter can even be added. I made a double batch (meaning I filled the silicone mold that makes 12 twice) to create a fantastic assortment that can be used for pretend play and also DIY Math Manipulatives. I love resin crafts for beginners like this one.

DIY Resin Crafts Dinosaurs Rainbow Colors

Supplies Needed for Resin Dinosaurs

  • FastCast Resin from ETI
  • Plastic Measuring Cup
  • Wooden Stir Craft Sticks
  • Gloves
  • Dinosaur Mold (I found this one at Michaels)
  • Paint (I used ColorShot Spray Paint)

Instead of traditional resin that needs to cure overnight, I used Fast Cast Resin. It completely lives up to its name. Curing the resin only takes about 10 minutes!

How to Use FastCast Resin in Molds

Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before beginning. WEAR GLOVES. Being safe is always a super great idea when working with resin crafts.

Once you combine the two components of the resin, you have to work quickly. So, it’s best to know what to expect. Pour in EXACTLY equal amounts of part “A” and part “B” into a small measuring cup. Stir the resin mixture together well with a wooden craft “popsicle” stick. Quickly but cautiously pour the resin into the molds. If you drip any resin on other parts of the mold or accidentally over-pour, don’t worry for a second.

When you pour the liquid into the mold, fill to ALMOST the tops. It hardens pretty fast so work quickly.

PRO TIP – Don’t mix too large of a batch at one time. Be able to use your mixed liquid quickly before it cures.

As the liquid cures, it becomes hardened and WHITE! It is like magic that happens right before your eyes.

Once the resin is totally cured, pop the pieces out of the silicone mold. If there is an extra around the figures, just chip it off with your fingers or a small file.

Resin Dinosaurs for DIY Math Manipulatives

How to Paint FastCast Resin

While using acrylic paints and a brush is an option if you want details – I chose to spray paint these cuties with ColorShot and it worked great. I sprayed the fronts and sides, then flipped them over to spray the backs too.

Spray Paint on Resin

I recommend spray painting OUTDOORS. I did spray these dinos in my garage. Yes. It has carpet in it. Don’t worry. I had the garage door open and was careful. Aren’t they totally adorable DIY math manipulatives?

DIY Math Manipulatives Resin Crafts Dinosaurs

Ways to Use Painted Dinosaurs With Kids

There are so many ways to use these darling little dinos in pretend and play time AND in scheduled learning activities. The first things that come to mind are:

  • Sorting
  • Sequencing
  • Patterns
  • Counting
  • Probability

These are all skills that we need as adults to make practical decisions day to day. I created a fun set of activities that you could use with these resin crafts dinos or any plastic ones you might have on hand already. This fun page is for sorting and you can download it free with these diy math manipulatives.

It is much fun to use with kids.

You can get the COMPLETE SET of Early Learning Dinosaur Activities in my TPT STORE.

Early Learning Dinosaur Math Activities and Games

More Dinosaur Fun

If you are looking for more dinosaur crafts and printables, look no further. Grab a few more here on the blog!

Best Dinosaur Crafts and Printables for Kids

Best Ways to Use Free Printables

You might have seen this list from me before but I think it is worth sharing over and over. Sometimes the people in the back need to hear things a few times, right?  There are so many great ways to use free printables.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • Print them and mail in an envelope with a stamp. Snail mail rocks.
  • Batch some up to make an activity book.  This is great for a road trip!
  • Print and use at a place setting on the table to create a conversation starter.
  • Add them to goody bags.  By the way, goody bags are not just for birthday parties.
  • Package them up with your favorite markers and crayons to give as a gift.
  • Drop a few off at the local coffee shop with fun pencils to spread some happy.
  • Cut them up to make cards, gift wrap and decorations.
  • Use them with DIY Math Manipulatives.

BEST Tools For Working With Free Printables

These are my favorite tools and art supplies to use with free printables and why I love them too.

  1. Printer – This Laser Printer is inexpensive and works like a charm.  It even works with Alexa.  Bonus!
  2. Scissors – Lots of printables can be cut up to create decorations and cards and things like that.
  3. Markers and Crayons – All thing ooly work the best for me.  I LOVE all of their markers, pencils and crayons.
  4. Colored Pencils – For adult coloring, PRISM makes the colored pencils that I love to use most.
  5. Twine – For creating banners and garlands from printables, I love this twine best.
  6. Adhesive – Lots of printables have pieces that get cut out and put together.  This is my fave tape runner!

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

DIY Math Manipulatives Rainbow Dinosaurs Resin Crafts

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Cheers to Resin Crafts and MATH and FREE Printables Too!


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