Simply Adorable Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes

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Simply Adorable Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Boxes

Twenty-five days of advent gifts is a lot for some people so twelve days of Christmas might make better sense for them.  These simply adorable twelve days of Christmas gift boxes are adorable and made to be used year after year.  The tags can be designed in so many ways which offers the flexibility to match decor or themes in different homes.  This is also a great project for kiddos.  They can design the tags with any art supplies they love.  These tags were made using stamps that I designed for The Hedgehog Hollow’s subscription box and of course, my favorite adhesive tool for complete surfaces…the Xyron Creative Station.  This post is sponsored by Xyron but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Twelve Days of Christmas Boxes

To make the twelve days of Christmas gift boxes, you will need the following supplies:


  • Xyron Creative Station with Permanent Adhesive
  • White Card Stock Cut into Tags and Decorated (Could be Numbered)
  • Decorative Holiday Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • 12 Boxes, Pouches or Bags
  • Mini Clothespins


Start by running your designed tags on the white card stock through the Creation Station using Permanent Adhesive.

When they come out, peel off the layer of film on the top to reveal your tags that are now stickers, completely covered on the backs with adhesive.

Peel the stickers off of the paper and adhere them to decorative card stock.

Cut the tags out again, leaving a border of the decorative card stock.

Attach the tags to boxes, bags or pillow pouches with a clothespin attached to tied on twine or ribbons.

Other Ideas

Xyron makes an awesome adhesive runner too.  It is called the Mega-Runner and I LOVE IT!  Check out this fun giant gift tag made using it!

Oh, and just for fun… this free reindeer printable and solve the puzzle!

Yay for the holidays, for gift giving and for making all the things!


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