Spring Break Snacks with Cherry Man Cherries

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It is day one of the series, A CREATIVE Kid’s Spring Break!  Spring break is coming fast.  Be ready with jars of Cherry Man cherries and the ingredients to make these amazing cherry cereal bars.  If your kids are like mine, the breaks seem to make them hungrier than ever.  I swear it is like they eat everything they can get their hands on.  These are not only delicious, but really quite fun to make together.  This post is sponsored but all ideas and opinions are my own.

The cereal bars are quite pretty!


Handmade Place Mats are a lot of fun too.  You can draw and color or paint your designs on large sheet of paper (11 x 17 inches) and then have it laminated at your local office supply store.  I created this one for a a kid to color and use for learning.

Once laminated, it is perfect for playing with cherries to embellish the doodles or to practice a little math!

Whatever your plans are for spring break, be sure to offer your kiddos a chance to access their creativity, in the kitchen and through their art.  Be on the lookout!  Tomorrow is day too and we are talking YARN!

Cheers to Spring Break and Time to Create,



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