Stenciled Cookie Pop Tarts

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Create darling stencils to decorate and personalize pop tarts!

I love decorating cookies but sometimes struggle with adding text or words. Hand lettering is my jam for sure – even with icing – but having a pattern already in place on the cookie is a game changer. To be honest, I had a little fear that the stencil making progress would be difficult. So – I was overjoyed with the ease and fun in this project. 

Making stencils to decorate customized cookies has never been easier. Create custom reusable screen stencils in 4 easy steps with the Ikonart Custom Stencil Making Kit!

Beginning a new crafting technique can be daunting but please don’t fret! The Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit comes with everything you need to get up and going right away.

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Printed Inkjet Sample
  • Finished Stencil Sample
  • Inkjet Printer Film
  • Laser Printer Film
  • Ikonart Stencil Film + 2 Clear Exposure Sheets
  • Exposure Stand + UV LED Light
  • Ikonart Clipboard
  • Ikonart Plastic Squeegee
  • Coupon codes for free fonts and designs

You will also need Stencil Glaze for this project AND Frosted pop tarts. If you want to make your own, I have a great recipe here on the blog.

Making the Stencil

Step One – Print Your Stencil

The very first thing to creating a custom stencil is to print (or doodle) your design. High quality printing in 100% black will give you the best film positive to block out the UV light. This really helps when it comes to washing out the stencil when it comes time. I actually created mine on the computer then printed it. Ikonart has product to print on either inkjet or laser printers. I used an inkjet for this project.

The kit comes with amazing and awesome directions that have all of the tips and tricks for printing artwork.

Step Two – Expose Your Stencil

The next step in make your own cookie stencil is to expose your stencil. This requires created a stack of three pieces on the base of your stand. Place the blue Ikonart Stencil Film on first – texture side up. Next place your printed transparency on top of the film so that what you see is what you want your stencil to look like. This would matter if you had words and didn’t want them to be backwards. The last piece in the pile is the clear exposure sheet. Rub over them all to make sure the stencil sheet is tight against the transparency. Turn on the exposure light for 35 seconds when using the laser film.

Step Three – Rinse Out Your Stencil

Clip your stencil on to the clipboard that came in the kit (shiny side down) and take it to the sink. Run hot to very warm water over it until the mesh part of your design is COMPLETELY clear. Hang your stencil to dry. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour. Stencil must be dry before moving forward.

Step Four – Post-Expose Your Stencil

The final step to finishing your stencil is to post-expose it. Place it back on the stand (texture side up) and turn the light on it for at least two minutes. This makes the stencil more durable so it will work better and be used over again.

Step Five – Prepare the Stencil to be Food Safe

To create the glaze, you will first get to dissolve the powder in rubbing alcohol. Follow the included instructions for adding the alcohol to the bottle, and gently shake until the powder has fully dissolved.

  1. Remove the clear carrier sheet from the back and lay the stencil face-down on a paper towel. 
  2. Dip the brush in the glaze, and apply it liberally to the stencil.
  3. Rinse the brush in a cup of alcohol to clean it well. 
  4. Remove the stencil from the paper towel, and lay it flat to dry completely (do NOT hang it up). Drying can take about 15 minutes naturally, but may go faster using a heat gun or hair dryer on the lowest setting.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the opposite side of the stencil.
  6. After the stencil is dry, hold the stencil up to the light to check for any clogging in the mesh. If clogged, the stencil openings will have a whitish, mottled appearance. Use a cotton swab to gently blot the clogged areas, if necessary.
  7. When the stencil is completely dry, rinse the stencil in fresh water to set the glaze.
  8. Once dry, the stencil is ready for use on the cookies!

Visit Ikonart for a fantastic step-by-step photo tutorial on making food-safe stencils.

Decorating the Pop Tarts

Remove the backing from the stencil. Place the stencil over the cookie, centering the designs where you want it to be. NOTE: This is when it comes in handy to have extra room around the designs so that icing doesn’t get on the cookie anywhere but the places you want it.

Put some icing on the cookie (NOT A LOT). Hold the stencil down with one hand to keep it in place. With the other hand (probably your dominant one) – hold the straight edge of the scraper at an angle and LIGHTLY sweep it across the top of the stencil. Gently remove the stencil and let the icing dry.

For best results, the base coat of royal icing should be hardened (for at least 12 hours). You can also use royal frosting on a cookie with hardened fondant which is a faster method. For these cookies I used royal icing because I think it tastes better for a cookie.

PRO TIPS for Decorating Cookies with a Stencil

  1. Use THICK royal icing. If the icing is too thin, it will run under the stencil.
  2. Make sure your base icing or fondant is hard.
  3. Use a clean, DRY scraper.
  4. Go slowly. Rushing will most likely not get you a great result.
  5. BE PATIENT with yourself. This requires practice. I know that the next time I do it, I will get better.

When you are all done, wash your stencils and return them to the backing so they can be used again on another project!

BONUS: I added sprinkles around the edges of these pop tart cookies by piping royal icing AFTER the stenciled lettering hardened and tossing them on.

More FUN Stencil Ideas with Ikonart

Both of my Team Creative Crafts partners made really fun projects with their Ikonart Stencil too.

Lindsay used hers to try own etching in glass and I am smitten over her Butterbeer mug. It is absolutely perfect.

Beth used her stencil to try out woodburning using torch paste. Look at this darling charcuterie board. There are just so many fun ways to put these stencil to use in creating totally unique and personal items.

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