TEN Reasons to @ShopSouthlands during it’s TENTH Birthday Year

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If you follow along on my blogging journey, then you already know that I am sort of a Southlands Shopping Center girl.  I love to shop.  I love the outdoors.  I love pretty landscaping and art.  I love yummy food.  Southlands has created opportunities for all of this and so much more in their first ten years of being Colorado’s largest outdoor shopping spot and I feel so fortunate to live so close.

#ShopSouthlands Aurora CO

It all started for me in 2011.  We were moving here and during the home hunting and investigating trips, we stayed at the Fairfield Inn at Southlands.  The girls were little and we found ourselves completely entertained and provided for without leaving the center.  From playing in the amazing fountain park/playground and going to the AMC Theater to dining out and shopping for awesome sauce stuff, we loved Southlands from the start.  When our first friends came to visit us, Southlands was our first outing.  The girls are so little in this photo.

Southlands Summer 2014

Last Saturday I attended a VIP Blogger Event where we learned so much about Southland Shopping Center and were challenged to spend a couple of hours exploring and showing how we do Southlands.  I spent the entire time with my bestie (Laura for Housewife Hellraiser) and we had a ball.  Here are some of the photos from that day!

Southlands Shopping Center Bag

Let’s just start by sharing that there is a TEACHER store in the shopping center.  Beyond the Blackboard is filled with awesome supplies, toys and games!



Barnes and Nobel

Party City

Harry Potter Gift Card

Okay, how here are my TOP Ten Reasons to Shop Southlands.

One:  It has the BEST stores.  There are tons of great stores selling everything from clothing and accessories to gourmet food items, toys, local products and trendy items.  My favorite store is World Market and I am super proud to be a member of the World Market Tribe as an ambassador.  It is most awesome that my local store is in SOUTHLANDS!  Here are two photos from last Saturday.

World Market Laura Clock

World Market Rhino

And here is a photo from yesterday when I hosted an event teach people how to decorate with terrariums.

World Market Terrariums

Two:  The restaurants are bombtastic.  At the event we got to meet lots of the faces behind the establishments we frequent.  Check out these awesome managers and chefs.

Restaurant Peeps

…and these delightful foods…

Tastes of Southlands

I love Big Daddy’s Burger Bar.  I love their food, decor, staff and attention to details (and proximity to the movie theater)!  They get it that food is art and that is rad.


Three:  The setting is gorgeous.  Being outdoors allows Southlands Shopping Center to show off Colorado’s natural beauty from plants, trees and flowers to the bright blue sky.  I love this picture of my oldest child hanging out by the fire pit.

Dylan FIre Pit

I really really really love the chairs!

Fire Pit Southlands Shopping Center

Southlands in wintertime is magical!


Four:  The art and design throughout the center is exquisite.  When I brought my Create, Make and Celebrate Retreat girls to Southlands in November 2015 for a SURPRISE Girls Night Out, we had a ball just exploring the art, sculpture and fountains.  Madge from the Midge and Madge Mingle modeled with the umbrella fountains that evening!


Southlands Sculpture and Art

Southlands Sculpture and Art 2

Five:  There is lots of entertainment.  Whether you like free outdoor concerts and movies or the amazing AMC theater or ice skating in the winter or riding electric bikes; you are set!  Of course if you have littles, the playground is PERFECTION with climbing things and water fountains.  Here are some photos that share our family love for the movie theater from the years.  Yep, Zoe had her MINIONS birthday bash at Southlands.

AMC Minions

I love to walk behind Ryp and the girls sometimes and take in just how much he loves doing things with us all as a family!

Ryp and Girls AMC

We LOVE the AMC at Southlands for all of the movie openings and special events.

AMC Insurgent

Six:  Parking is easy peasy and plentiful.  This speaks completely for itself.  Even during events and parades the parking is awesome.  This is from the parade a few years ago with the Girl Scouts!  We march every year and LOVE it so much.

Parade Parking

Seven:  COFFEE!  There is a fabulous new coffee shop…Legends Coffee. We watched them grow from a little company with a big dream to a brick & mortar shop created in total excellence.  I adore that they still support the Farmers Market as a vendor even though they have an amazing coffee house a few steps away.  This, to me, is what makes the Southlands community so special.

Legends Coffee Latte Art Legends Coffee Southlands

Legends Coffee Farmers Market

Eight:  Southlands is FAMILY fun and friendly.  Their commitment to community building is top notch.  They do all kinds of fun contests that create the chance for all of us (family of SIX) to come together and have a blast.  Our latest Southlands’ passion is playing Pokemon while we wait for dinner reservations or parts of us go in different shops.

Pokemon at Southlands

I love this photo of Daddy learning the ways of the game.

Daddy at Southlands

We celebrated National Ice Cream Day at Southlands as a family (and played Pokemon for an hour!)

Ice Cream Cold Stone Southlands

Nine:  Southlands Shopping Center is safe.  Every time I go, I see security people doing their jobs and keeping the center not only safe but clean and peaceful.  The signage is stellar with rules, a code of conduct, directions and even shopping center directories.

Playground Safety Southlands Sign

Code of Conducy

Ten:  Because I SAID SO.  Trust me.  It is the best!  It is the best place to shop, play explore and just be with your bestie.

Bike for Two Southlands

Okay, wait…I have an ELEVEN!  The Farmers Market is so amazing and supportive of local vendors.  We LOVE going as a couple, a family and on our own.  I have shared about this before on my blog.  The Farmers Market is where I found the BEST cheese curds ever in the history of forever!  We love the vegetables too.  Zoe and I turned one of our days into the creation of a baked potato bar from the Farmers Market at Southlands.



I LOVE Southlands commitment to supporting LOCAL!


So, get in your car and go!  I can’t wait to hear what you love most about my favorite shopping spot on Earth.



PS:  A big thank you to Southlands for sponsoring the VIP blogger event.  All opinions in this post are my own.

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19 thoughts on “TEN Reasons to @ShopSouthlands during it’s TENTH Birthday Year”

  1. What a cool list regarding Southlands. I like that they had a really cozy fire pit during the holiday season – and I really wanted to try that cupcake bakery too.

  2. What a great list of reasons to shop at the Southlands!!!! I love the fun atmosphere there! Everyone was friendly, Rina is right the cozy fire pit was awesome, and lets not forget about the ice skating!!! Thank you for including me in your post, I felt like I was Mary Poppins for just a minute, it was quite magical! I can’t wait to travel back to Colorado so I can shop at the Southlands once more!!!

  3. I was one of the lucky ones at your Create Make Celebrate Retreat last fall, and will never forget how amazing Southlands was! Your pictures are like being there all over again! Thanks for the awesome photo tour of such a fabulous part of Denver!

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