Upcycled Burlap Bag Friendship Flowers

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Upcycled Burlap Bag Friendship Flowers

The project sharing Upcycled Burlap Bag Friendship Flowers is super fun because not only is it a great way to reuse a burlap bag but it also creates an adorable gifty for friends.  If you have a coffee shop near you, they more than likely have burlap bags looking for homes.  You can find them on Amazon too!  Sometimes items purchased for home use are package in burlap too.  FarmGirl Flowers send their flowers using burlap from recycled bags as the wrap!

Recycled Burlap Bag Friendship Bouquet

Creating Upcycled Burlap Bag Friendship Flowers

You will need articifical floral stems, Purple Tape, Scissors, Burlap and Twine.

In the past I have found it challenging to create floral arrangements but this Purple Tape from Therm-O-Web makes this projects so easy peasy.  Here are the easy steps.

First, lay out your stems of flowers.

Next, arrange them in a bouquet and use Purple Tape to hold them together at the bottoms by wrapping it around a couple of times.  It tears easily so is simple to rip when you have wrapped.

This is a great project for making multiple gifts at a time.

Cut the burlap from the sack in to a square that is about the same size as the bouquet when it is on the square diagonally.  Position the bouquet in the center and fold the burlap around the stems then tie with twine.

Add a little gift tag if desired.  You can download this one FREE right here.  It says If Friends Were Flowers, I’d Pick You.  This is another opportunity to recycle card stock or envelopes into the tags.

Adorable, right?  And so simple to make.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the International Coffee Organization requires that each burlap bag contain a specific identifier known as the ICO Mark?  The identifier is a set of numbers that help define where the bag came from.  The first set of three digits represents the country code. The second set of four digits represents the grower, and the third set of four digits represents the parcel/lot number. I always find this kind of information so fascinating.  

Creative Crafts Recycled Edition

I am excited to be partnering with Meg from Makeable Crafts and Beth from Creatively Beth to bring you four days of recycled craft projects.  Today they are both sharing projects on their blogs too.

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Cheers to Turning Recycled Things into Masterpieces!



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