5 Great Ways to use Authentic Girl Scout Fabric

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I cannot tell you how excited we are about the Girl Scout line of fabric by Riley Blake and available in the online store at Consumer Crafts.  Oh my gosh, the colors and the designs are totally splendid.  We were fortunate enough to receive the entire collection so we could use it to make some fun projects to share with you.  After oohing and awing for a bit, we dug into into it and got busy with our scissors and our sewing machine.  There are so so so many great ways to use the fabric and while we are showing your five, we promise there will be more to come.  This post is sponsored by Consumer Crafts but the ideas and opinions are all mine.

Let me share a little about the fabric before explaining some of these projects.  “Each fat quarter bundle includes colorful trefoil and Samoa designs, inspirational words like “Courage”, “Wonder”, “Limitless” and more.”  Here are some of the details for my more analytic readers (who I admire greatly), the ones who measure and plan things out before getting started.  The Girl Scouts® fat quarter bundle includes 23 assorted styles and colors with 18 x 22 inches per cut.  The fabric is 100% cotton.  You can save 20% with the code  GS1517 until December 31, 2017.

This apron is perfect for wearing while baking (using Girl Scout cookies in the recipes) or while selling cookies at a cookie booth.  There are tons of patterns for aprons out there.  This one is a simple apron with a pocket made out of felt to look like a Samoa.  Our troop has sold the most Thin Mint cookies but the Samoas is a close second.

The Samoa cookies are such a great match.

Tote bags are a great way to keep items organized and in one place from meeting to meeting.  This one is made up with lots of fabric squares quilted together.  For the squares of the quilted side, we sewed little pieces onto bigger ones.  We tend to scrap quilt, meaning we sew it all together then trim around the edge to get our final size.  The handles are made with a thicker fabric and of course, we tied a bow to the handle.   This bag measures fourteen by fourteen inches.  We lined it too so it would be super durable.

We like our girls to bring the following things to meetings:

  • Girl Scout Vest
  • Girl Scout Journal
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Current Badge Work
  • Water Bottle

The tote bag fits it all, including this darling FREE eight page printable book tied together at the top with fabric scraps!

You can grab the printable FREE then cut the pages in half, hole punch the tops (plenty of room has been left blank intentionally) then tie a long fabric scrap through the holes.

Both of my girls are very active in Girl Scouts and it show in the way they display things in their rooms.  Zoe used the fabric to decorate a pillow case for her bed.  To do this, we cut the pillow case open down one side so she could sew the fabric squares to the case.  Again, we first sewed some little pieces of fabric to bigger ones before adding them to the case.  Then we flipped it inside out and sewed the open side back together.

Of course, the bed needed a matching throw pillow (with a pocket for a cell phone).  The pillow measures twelve by twelve inches and is stuffed with a pillow form.  Pillow forms are so cost effective that this is a great first time sewing project.

We made a second pillow with four fabric squares sewn together.  This one is for Jordan’s bed!  The heart is a reminder of how important it is to love with our whole hearts and to treat all Girl Scouts like sisters.  The four pieces measure 6 1/2 inches then they are sewn together.  Sew that piece back to back with a 13 inch square piece of fabric leaving room to insert the form.  Flip the fabric.  Insert the form.  Hand stitch the opening shut.

Okay, so cookie season is coming up SOON!  We love to let customers that visit our booths taste cookies so we whipped up this darling place mat to showcase our cookies.

It is actually two sided so if it gets dirty, we can flip it over.  It is lined in the middle with a thin batting to make it sturdy but washable.

Zoe thought we needed to show it with a darling napkin too.  Cloth napkins are another easy sewing project and a great way to be conscientious of our environment.  Using resources wisely is part of the Girl Scout law after all.

Consumer Crafts also carries Girl Scouts pennants and banners which are darling and could be used in a million different ways.

These are the five projects we are planning on sewing/making with the fabric next:

  • Ditty Bags
  • Scrap Garland for Cookie Booth
  • Bulletin Board
  • S.W.A.P.S.
  • Jar Pin Cushion Sewing Kits

What would you make first if you had this fabric on your sewing table or in your craft room?  Share in the comments.  I would love to know.

Cheers to Girl Scouting and this AMAZING Fabric,





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6 thoughts on “5 Great Ways to use Authentic Girl Scout Fabric”

  1. I love the pillow with the 4 squares of different fabric. This would be a great activity for my Cadette troop. Would you happen to have directions for the project?

  2. The four pieces measure 6 1/2 inches then they are sewn together. Sew that piece back to back with a 13 inch square piece of fabric leaving room to insert the form. Flop the fabric. Insert the form. Hand stitch the opening shut.

  3. The first thing I would make would be an apron for booth sales.. or maybe just embellish the basic ones I already use.

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