5 Reasons for Kids To Make Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

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For the past week or so, I have been sharing some great DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that involve kiddos in making the creations.  I think it is really important for kids to be given the opportunity and the freedom to make their own gifts with their own hands.  I am excited to share a lot of these ideas as well as five reasons for kids to make handmade Father’s Day gifts.  Of course the reasons would be the same regardless of who they are making things for.   First, here are a bunch of great ideas!

And now for the five reasons kids should make their own gifts

Reason ONE:  It builds self esteem and confidence.

When kids create their own gifts and give them to others, it supports their ability to connect and grow.  These connections in turn support the building of self esteem and confidence.  There is a project for every child to be successful in accessing their creativity.  If you can’t find one, ask.

Reason TWO:  Handmade gifts are unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

The chances of a child making a special gift by hand and having it be like another are pretty darn rare.  Handmade gifts are unique and special in that they are drawn, molded, painted or created by a young artist at work.  These little people have deep thoughts about their art and when nurtured can create some really unique items.

Reason THREE:  People will love to receive them.

When people open gifts that are handmade (especially by a child who loves them), the response are fabulous.  I am pretty sure you know exactly what I am talking about.  My most favorite gifts from my kids (and students I taught, my Girl Scouts and friends) are the ones that kids made.

Reason FOUR:  It gives a child a sense of ownership in the giving of the gift.

Because most kids do not have access to money or cars to go shopping, they are left to create their own gift and cards.  With support and encouragement, they are so proud to be the owner of the idea, the creation and the giving.

Reason FIVE:  Kids can get really personal when they create.

During the process of making a gift, a child has the opportunity to express very personal thoughts and feelings about the person they are creating for.  This is a fantastic time to support them in their relationships.

So, run out to the store and get some more supplies for your kiddos.  Make all the things!

Cheers to Father’s Day and Handmade Gifts,




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