Autumn Decorating with Handmade Pom-Poms

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Autumn decorating with handmade pom-poms is easier than ever thanks to the Tassel and Pom-Pom tool from Red Heart.  It makes MULTIPLE pom-poms at a time in just a few quick and simple steps.  Handmade pom-poms are great for adding to so many things to create darling decorations for the season, holidays, parties and really every single day.  There is always something to celebrate, right?  This post is sponsored by Coats and Clark but the ideas and opinions are my own.

To create handmade pom-poms, you only need three things. Red Heart YARN (or embroidery floss for tiny ones), Red Heart Tassel and Pom-Pom Maker, Scissors.

Wrap the yarn around the two pegs on the ends of the maker.  The more times the yarn is wrapped, the thicker the pom-poms will be.   For these pom-poms, the yarn was wrapped 115 times.

Tie yarn around the wrapped bundle in TIGHT (SUPER TIGHT) double knots.  The closer they are tied together, the smaller the pom-poms will be.   For these, the knots were tied every 4 lines on the markers on the base of the maker. Cut through the bundle in between each tied knot and trim any excess yarn pieces away.  That’s it.  With the “every 4 lines’, there will be five pom-poms every time you make a batch.  I am making up that a group of made pom-poms is called a batch.  It’s a collective noun that seems to work.  Did you know that a A group of parallel strands of yarn of equal length, clamped at each end so that all strands extend equally under tension, is called a bundle, and the maximum load which the bundle can support is called its strength.

To create a pom-pom garland, I recommend threading burlap twine through the centers.  It is strong and will hold well when hanging.

This one looks amazing on my shelves of autumn goodness.

These four pom-poms turned this boring acorn patterned pillow into a darling decoration for my porch swing!

The question is, what would add pom-poms too in your home?  Comment and let me know!

Cheers To All Things Pom-Poms!


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