BRONCOS Crock Pot Baked Bean Dip #GameDayGreats

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Yesterday I bought this AWESOME sauce new Crock Pot at King Soopers!  It is a Denver Broncos Crock Pot which makes it perfect for game day cooking.  Tonight is the first game of the season and so I threw together a big pot of Broncos Crock Pot Baked Bean Dip.

Crock Pot Football Party Beans

Okay, it is amazing.  I love it because you can either serve it as a side dish with a meal OR as a dip for bread or crackers.  There are lots of way to make this but I like my way best.  When selecting vegetables and ingredients, I like to use as many fresh ones as I can.

Denver Broncos Crock Pot Beans

It’ so easy.  Put it all in the pot.

Denver Broncos Crock Pot Beans Ingredients

Stir it up and let it cook!

Denver Broncos Crock Pot Beans Mixed Up

This bread is my fave.  Sliced and toasted in the oven, it is perfect for dipping in the bean mix.



Broncos Beans in Bowl

Here is the recipe!



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