Clay Bug Garden Stakes

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Clay Bug Garden Stakes

Making fun things to add the garden creates a away for kiddos to get involved.  These darling polymer garden stakes are a great way to decorate spring or summer plants whether indoors on pots or outdoors in the garden.  I like to call them kindness bugs because they are so cheerful and happy in appearance. They can be made small or large, depending on where they are going.  This activity is perfect for young children as the Bake Shop made by Sculpey is super easy to mold. Making clay bug garden stakes is super easy and tons of fun.

Clay Bug Garden Stake Ladybug

Supplies Needed to Create Clay Stakes

What will you need? To do this activity, you will need:

  • Sculpey Bake Shop
  • Oven
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Wooden Skewers for Stakes
  • Wire if Antennae are Part of the Plan

Directions to Make the Clay Bugs

Step One:

Use the Bake Shop to sculpt little bugs or critters. Use wire for antennas if desired.  Working with the clay is really easy peasy.  By rolling it in the warmth of hands, it gets softer and easier to mold.  Be sure to really attach wings, eyes and such with pressure to make sure the clay from the two pieces connects before baking. If your kids don’t want to make clay bug garden stakes, it is totally okay for them to make other things to use as decorations. Always remember that it is their time to express their own personality and ideas when making things.

Step Two:

Insert the wooden skewers and then bake according to directions in the packaging.  Try to bake all similar sized pieces together.  Much like cookies, a thin masterpiece could burn while something thick is still finishing the baking process.  When they are cool, they are ready to stick in the dirt.

Look how adorable this bee is. He is my favorite. These Clay Bug Garden Stakes are so cute.

The bugs are also really cute without skewers as stand alone little pieces to decorate and spread cheer.

More Ideas with Bake Shop

My Girl Scout troop LOVES making things from clay.  This fun little fairy garden is a great activity with Bake Shop clay too.

TIPS for Working with Kids Using Clay

Here are my top five tips if you plan to share polymer crafting with kids.

  1. Create a clean work surface.  Getting dirt in the mix is frustrating.
  2. Have the appropriate tools.  A little roller is super helpful.
  3. Only open the needed colors.
  4. Create alongside kids, role modeling the process.
  5. Practice before trying to make a masterpiece.

Clay Bug Garden Stakes for Crafting With Kids

Cheers to making all of the fun things with clay!




In addition to clay bug garden stakes, Here is one more super fun craft for kids!  Making charms is brilliant and creates awesome little gifties to give friends.

Polymer Clay Charm Ideas



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