Easter Eggs and Bunny Home Decor

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Easter Eggs and Bunny Home Decor

Decorating for springtime and Easter is such a breath of fresh air filled with festive colors and happiness.  This darling Easter eggs and bunny home decor is created with a bunch of great products from Fairfield World including Oly*Fun, Poly Fil and a Crafter’s Choice pillow form.  The project can be done in a variety of sizes using lots of different sized pillow forms.  Furthermore, Poly-Fil stuffing can be used for the base pillow too.

Supplies Needed To Make Easter Eggs and Bunny Home Decor

To get started, gather the supplies and materials.  The following is a must have list.

My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many projects.

Steps to Make Easter Eggs and Bunny Home Decor

To get started, each egg will need four pieces of Oly*Fun, two for the front and two for the back.  Cut them out using the free egg pattern.  It will work best to staple the pattern to the four pieces, cut and then carefully remove the staples.

They are already so pretty at this early stage in the project. Truthfully, these can be stitched together to create a super fun and easy-peasy Easter garland. 

Moving along, use the scraps, cut out dots, stripes and zig zags to decorate the eggs.  Sew these pieces to the top layer of the egg pillows (2 pieces of Oly*Fun).

Lastly, Trim off the extra Oly*Fun then sew the front of the pillow to the back (2 pieces), leaving a little room (like 3 inches) to stuff.  Stuff the eggs and sew them closed.

DIY Stuffed Bunny

Make a bunny out of white.  Enlarge this pattern if it is helpful.   Sew it the same way as the pillows and stuff with Poly-Fil.   To make the tail, tie 6 white Oly*Fun strips (9 inches long) into a knot and trim the ends to make it fluffy because the fluffier the better.

Next, make a green pillow case for a Crafter’s Choice Body Pillow Form to use as a backdrop because this will have the other creations really pop.  Additionally, use fabric or quilted pieces to cover the pillow form. 

Ta Da!  It is so darling on the front porch bench. Decorating the outdoor areas of the home is always such a great idea too.

DIY Carrot Garland

This carrot garland made in a similar fashion using Oly*Fun is one of the best. It is bright, cheerful and easy to make. While you have the supplies out, go ahead and make both projects.

DIY Carrot Garland

Cheers to bunnies, eggs and decorating,






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