DIY Bracelet Idea with Diamond Painting

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Did you know that Diamond Dotz has kits for making bracelets? They come as a pack of three so are perfect for doing with friends. Making a DIY bracelet is such a fun way to spend time with friends crafting or make alone to relax.

DIY Jewelry is always a great way to create a fashion statement. It is also a fantastic way to create a very special handmade gift to give for a birthday or holiday. This kit of three projects is perfect for beginners with diamond painting because not only can it be completed in a reasonable amount of time but it also makes something wearable.

Diamond Dotz Bracelets Complete

DIAMOND DOTZIES Bracelet Kit Components

The kit comes with everything you need in it which is awesome. There are really five main things that you have to understand before you get started so I am going to break it down.

  • Diamond Dotz Stylus – This special tool is designed to hold the wax from the wax piece to easily pick up the Diamond Dotz.
  • Craft Tray – This is designed to hold the tiny Diamond Dotz while working on the project.
  • Wax Piece – The special stylus has a hollow tip. When you stick it in the wax, it fills it so it can easily pick up the Gems.
  • 3 BRACELETS – These are pre-stickered and ready to work with.
  • Diamond Dotz – All of the colors that are necessary to complete the project come in the kit.
  • Directions – There are no words! The photos are, however, very helpful.

Directions to Make Dotzies Bracelets from Diamond Dots

The kits come with fabulous pictorial instructions. All of the “diamonds” are sorted out by color too which is a fabulous start to organized making. I would suggest making sure you have a level and clean work surface along with a comfy chair. Let’s do it. Let’s Get Started with Diamond Painting bracelets! Organize your gems!


Tape the two ends of the bracelet down to your surface to hold in place while you work. Peel off the overlay to reveal the sticker artwork where the gems will get placed. NOTE: For larger projects, peel just a little bit at a time.


Gently remove the plastic on the wax square and then stick the metal end of the stylus into the wax. Create a hole and pick up the wax inside the stylus tip. You might need to repeat this step throughout your project.


Put your color chart in a handy spot where you can see it. Starting with the first color, cut open the package of Diamond Dotz® and pour them into the adorable little crafty tray. By tapping tray gently on your work surface – the Diamond Dotz® will magically land faceted side up and ready to pick up with your stylus. Place them gems where they go by following the color chart.

Diamond Dotz Bracelet WIP

Once you are finished with a color, you can save the extra gems for another day and another possibility. You an save these back in their little bags by using the funnel end of the craft tray to pour.

Once all of your colors are added to your bracelet, you are complete with this darling little project. Each bracelet took about 30 minutes from start to finish. This would be a great project to do with girlfriends at a sleepover party!

Diamond Dotz Bracelets Set of 3

Final Bracelet Ideas

The final bracelet size is 8.20 x .80 inches with 2 size fasteners. One idea is to put them on and wear them right away.

Another fun idea is to gift the bracelet to friends. I created a free gift tag that you can print to match these WILD ANIMAL PRINTS. If you have a group of three friends, like we do with our Team Creative Crafts, you could each have one.

Diamond Dotz Dotzies Bracelets

You could even gift the kit as a gift. The tag works great for that TOO!

Printable I Am WILD About You Tags

Feel free to download this free printable and use it to gift your bracelets, either completed or as a kit.

MORE Diamond Dotz Kits and Ideas

Beth over at Creatively Beth completed the most beautiful greeting card with her kit. It is great because the recipient could FRAME it. Who knows, maybe she will send it to me. Go check it out!

Lindsay at Artsy Fartsy Mama did a super fun project too! She completed one of the Dotz Box Kits to be used as darling home decor.


Crafting is good for you for SO many reasons. The repetition of applying the diamonds to the predesigned surface has health benefits for you! FOR REAL! Painting with Diamond Dotz plays an huge part in fighting off anxiety and calming the mind.  Scientifically speaking, the fear center of the brain relaxes (known as amygdale). This causes the painter to de-stress and calm down. These together help create a sense of new energy.

Diamond Dotz Dotzies Bracelet Kits

Be sure to pin this post so you remember where to find the tips. And like always, I would love for you to share it with a friend.

YAY for Kits that Are Awesome And Create Masterpieces,


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