Painting Rocks for Telling Stories and Free Printables

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Let’s make a batch of darling painted rocks that can be used to tell stories.

If you’ve been around this blog long, they you know that I LOVE to paint rocks. Painting rocks to spread kindness is fun and makes a difference BUT friends – this project takes it one step further. Long before you drop the rocks off in secret places for people to find, you can paint them and use them to learn and grow with your kids. Being creative and teaching kids to use their imagination is super important to developmental growth. Play matters! These are some great Story Rocks Ideas AND some fun free printable activities too. I LOVE this KIT from Mindware!

Supplies and Materials Needed

Directions for Story Rocks Ideas

All of the directions come in the kit which makes it super easy peasy. I would love to add a little something. When you are painting the rocks and stones – make sure that you paint elements that are conducive to story telling. For example, painting a sun could be used in a story in a variety of ways. The sun could mean that it is daytime or that someone is feeling sunny (happy). Think about painting elements that represent things in your everyday life or in a magical world you want to create. Think about these things…

  • CHARACTERS: People/Animals/Animated Things
  • SETTING: Places (Indoor/Outdoor) and Time (Day/Night)
  • SUPPORTING ELEMENTS: Could Be Anything

Step One

Set up your painting space. If more than one kid is working at a time, give each kid a separate work space. 

Step Two

Paint the stones. The kit comes with two brushes so you can do different things.

It is always fun to use the opposite end of the brush to make small dots on the rocks for eyes or little spots.

Be sure to create rocks that show and share emotions. This one could be used for telling about a virus or about being sad.

Step Three

Let the paint dry then bake the rocks at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. Then turn the oven off and let the rocks cool completely in the oven. Do NOT use a microwave.

Telling Tales with the Story Rocks Ideas

The kit comes with a darling little bag for the stones. Put them all inside and draw one out. Use the painted image to start your story. Pull them out one by one and add to the story until you get to a fun ending. This might and might not be by using all of the rocks.

Another way to use the story stones is with this free printable chart.  Put a stone in each of the squares. Use them to tell or write a story with a beginning a middle and an end. There is a second version in the free download for a who, where and what version.

If you want to create ideas first or want to simply design and color, here are a couple of pages of free rock printables.  You can download them and create away.

Rock Painting Coloring Printable

Reasons to Make Up Stories With Kids

There are lots of great reasons to make up stories with kids. Here are some of the ones that I really encourage you to think about.

  1. Telling stories allows children the opportunity to use their imagination.
  2. Often times during story telling, children will be more likely than normal to share fears, anxieties and thoughts.
  3. It helps with the development of language and literacy.
  4. Making up stories together is a great way to imprint information.
  5. It is fun

This kit is fabulous because it comes with everything you need to be successful. There is even a little bag that you can write on with a permanent marker to store the rocks.

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Painting Rocks to Tell Stories Using a Simple Kit

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