DIY Doodle Scarves for Mother’s Day with World Market

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These DIY doodle scarves for Mother’s Day with World Market are easy to make and create an incredibly awesome handmade gift.  Because you only need a few materials to make them, they are a great project for an individual or a group activity.  This post is sponsored by World Market but the ideas and opinions are my own.

You will need the following materials and supplies to create a DIY doodle scarf:

Before doodling on your scarf, use masking tape to secure it to a large piece of cardboard. The tighter it is secure, the easier it will be to doodle on it.

Use Sharpie Markers to design your scarf by drawing on it. Note that each letter in a word is it’s own design. Writing on fabric is NOT like writing on paper.

Take it ONE letter or piece of a design at a time. Go SLOW.

A simple design that looks amazing is layered circles.  These work best by doing the colored layers and THEN the outline in black.

Ta Da!

Today I was fortunate to have the opportunity to design scarves with World Market customers.  Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the event!

And here are some of my favorite photographs of artistic works in progress!

World Market has LOTS of great things for moms, step-moms and just-like moms!  There is a reason I do these things with World Market.  It is because it truly is my favorite place to shop for others as well as for myself.  I am proud to be a part of the World Market Tribe of ambassadors and grateful for opportunities to spread creativity like this.

If you want the directions for this project in print, you can download them HERE for free.







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