DIY Father’s Day Gifts Tie Dyed Hankies

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DIY Father’s Day Gifts Tie Dyed Hankies

When kids get to create their own gifts to give to people they love, the gifts have such a deeper meaning.  These DIY Father’s Day tie dyed hankies are a perfectly fun and fashionable way to get your kids involved.  Hankies are great for dads because they can carry them in their pockets or keep them in the glove box of their car.  I think every day loves it most when they get DIY Father’s Day gifts from kids.

How to Tie Dye Hankerchiefs for DIY Father's Day Gifts

What Materials Will You Need for Tie Dyed Hankies

For this four pack of hankies, you will need the following supplies and materials.


How do you make them?

Start by getting your hankies wet.  Once they are all wet, tie them up and use the rubber bands to create your designs.  There are TONS of ways to create tie dyed designs.  You can find lots of them in The Rit Studio where creative designers share their projects.

Prepare your dye according to the directions.  Use 1/2 bottle Rit Liquid Dye with 2 cups of very hot water.  Add 1/4  salt and stir.

Put on your gloves!  Dip your hankies (or dunk them depending on how much you want them to dye) in the bowls.

Once they are all dyed, let them sit for about ten minutes before rinsing completely (until the water runs clear) under cold water.  THEN take the rubber bands and the strings off.  Hang them to dry.

I love the way that tie dyeing is a reveal art.  You can never really be sure what your masterpieces are going to look like until this stage.

Once they are completely dry, fold them up and tie them together as a gift.  Ta da!

I love the way that the red and the taupe turned out together.  You can use any color combinations to match the dad in your life’s favorite sport team or mascot.

Seven Reasons Kids Should Be Crafting

There are unlimited numbers of reasons that kids should be crafting. Based on research and opinions of experts, I am excited to share seven of my favorite reasons to get messy and make all the things with your kiddos.

Practice Fine Motor Skills

Many craft projects require the use of fine motor skills to cut, tie knots, paint, color and even apply glue.  Crafting provides a great opportunity to work on fine motor skills while creating works of art.

Build Self Esteem

Through the process of creating a craft project, a child works through a series of steps to make a masterpiece. The success of completing steps and having something wonderful to show for it has proven to build self esteem. Making DIY Father’s Day gifts provides kids the opportunity to be in ownership.

Create Community

Many craft projects that are done by kids in classrooms or groups collectively create a larger work of art.  For example. When a group of kids create individual pumpkin crafts – once put together they have a patch. This creates community and inclusion.

Build Social Skills

While actively crafting, often times the fears and worries of talking with others subsides and children (of all ages) find themselves to be more social with those around them,

Promotes Individuality

Craft projects should allow children the opportunity to put their own style or mark into their work. There need to be choices available to successfully promote individuality.  Some of these choices include picking colors, crayons vs colored pencils, cutting vs tearing paper and outlining.

Encourages Self Expression

Often times children will express their feelings and thoughts through simple drawing and works of art. Encouraging kids to draw in their journals and add their own elements to projects sometimes offers a release of feelings.

How To Involve Kids in DIY Projects

Do It Yourself projects are a great way to get the kids involved in making decorations. This gives them the opportunity to participate in what their environment looks and feels like – whether at home, school or camp. When kids have been included in the ideas and the creating, they have a sense of inclusion and importance, It is a way to have them learn that their vote counts. 

If you are not aligned with your kid’s ideas for decorations because it’s not your look or style, don’t dismiss them. A good way to empower them to continue to express themselves is to allow them to have a large say in how they decorate their own space (bedroom or homework station). If you want to raise your kids to successfully be able to have a style of their own, it starts by giving them a say when they are little.

Cheers to Dads and DIY Father’s Day Gifts!


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