DIY Foiled Gift Tags

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Create bright and sparkly foiled gift tags for adorable gift wrapped packages.

Creating handmade gift tags is such a fun and expressive way to add a special touch to packages. The many different patterns of toner paper and the colors of foil make it possible to create just about any design.

Materials and Supplies Needed

Here is a supply list for this paper craft project. I love that my color pallet is available in these foils from Therm-O-Web.

Directions to Make Winter Themed Foil Gift Tag

Step One

Start by printing the free pattern and using it to cut out two mittens from kraft card stock. You can get the free pattern below. Set them aside.

Step Two

The next part is so much fun. Choose four different foil transfer sheet designs and four different foils. Transfer the foil onto the printed designs sheets with a heat laminator. For all of the details on how to do this and be super successful, watch this awesome video.

Once the sheets have been foiled, use markers to color in the white. It is okay to color right over the foil which makes it easy peasy.

Cut the foiled paper into strips.

Step Three

Using the tape runner, add the strips to the mittens cut out in step one.

Step Four

Trim around the edges of the mittens to remove excess foiled paper strips and reveal the mitten shape times two to create a pair,

Step Four

Step Five

Add a foiled paper heart from the strip scraps if desired.

Step Six – FREE Printable

The mittens alone are so darn cute. To turn them into a card or tag, add a sentiment. I hand lettered the one on the free printable. If you want foil it, print it out on a LASER printer and use the same technique as step two.

Download the FREE printable here and use it all of the fun ways you want.

I used the Flamingo Pink foil for this sentiment.

Step Seven

Frame card stock with the extra strips of foiled paper using the tape runner. Then use the two sided foam squares to add the two mittens.

Add the sentiment and frame it with foiled paper strips too. This would work perfect as a large card.

Of course it is a great tag for a large gift too!

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DIY Foil Gift Tags with Heat Laminator and Laura Kelly for Thermoweb transfers #papercraft #mittens #freeprintable #pattern #foilcraft

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