DIY Kid Journal Craft

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Have the kids create journals that gets them excited about writing.

When kids get to participate in the creation of a journal, it becomes a special place to store ideas, thoughts, stories and memories. This craft project is a great way to start off the school year with something really fun that can be used for a long time.

Materials and Supplies Needed


This project could be done as simple or elaborate. The older the kids are, the more layers and complicated the designs could become. For younger kids, keep it simple, possibly even offering them some printed pages of designs to color.

Step One

The first step is to decide what design you want for the front of the journal. This could be something really simple or more difficult. That is what makes this craft project perfect for all ages and levels. Either draw the designs on a piece of card stock in pencil OR color one that is already printed. There are some fun pages of free printable designs below.

Step Two

Use the amazing Kwik Stix paint sticks to PAINT the card stock designs. It is awesome because it dries super fast and makes beautiful vibrant colors.

It is okay to make more than one designs too. They can be layers on the cover of the journal.

If there are lots of designs made, they can be used on the back or used to make additional journals. The more creativity that happens, the better! Once the paint is dry (within seconds) – add details with permanent black marker if desired.

Step Three

Cut out all of the designs with scissors.

Lay out your designs to determine what will fit on the cover and how you want to place the pieces.

Glue any pieces together that make up a design. For example, add pink circle cheeks and google eyes to create darling smiley ones. I always love a good pair of google eyes looking at me from a cute craft project.

Step Four

Use adhesive to add the cut out designs to the front of a composition book. Note that the stronger the adhesive, the better it will hold throughout the course of time.

Back to School Ideas – Journals For Kids

Writing is a great form of self expression. For younger kids, read the prompt and allow them to doodle their responses. They make compostion books with unlined pages just for these younger kiddos.

Here is a list of 32 great ideas for back to school journal writing.

  1. How do you feel when you are prepared for school in the morning?
  2. Write about the subject you dislike the most.
  3. Do you like the first day of school?
  4. Write about your teacher?
  5. What do you want to improve in this school year?
  6. Do you like summertime or school time better? Why?
  7. What would you do for the first day if you were the principal?
  8. Write about the subject you like the most.
  9. What fun things did you do over the summer?
  10. How do you spend your time during recess?
  11. Which special is your favorite each week?
  12. What are the qualities of a good partner for a project?
  13. Where would you like to go on a field trip this year?
  14. Why do you think kids should have to go to school?
  15. What is the best grade to be in at school?
  16. How does it feel to see your friends after summertime?
  17. What are your feelings about homework?
  18. If you could get from home to school any way at all, how would you travel?
  19. What things about school make you happy?
  20. How does your family celebrate back to school time?
  21. What are your goals for this school year?
  22. How would you like to go to a new school?
  23. What are you most anxious about this school year?
  24. How can you be a better student?
  25. Is it important to have friends in your classroom?
  26. What are the most important school supplies?
  27. Tell about your biggest success in school last year?
  28. What do you do after school each day?
  29. List the things that make a teacher a good one?
  30. What is the worst thing about school?
  31. List all of the things you love about your school.
  32. Write about what it might be like to be a kid in school in the future.

Free Printable School Designs

Grab these FREE printable school themed designs to use for this craft or just to color for fun.

More About Kwik Stix

If you are tired of the endless mess of painting – these are for YOU! Kwik Stix Tempera Paint sticks make painting mess free which makes it way more fun for kids of all ages. Just take off the cap, twist up the color and paint away. They are fast drying – as in about 90 seconds or less. This is amazing considering they leave a paint like finish on poster board, cardboard canvas and even WOOD! They come is TONS of fantastic colors that paint vibrant designs!

MORE Kwik Stix Ideas for SCHOOL and KIDS

This darling pencil garland makes great back to school decor. It is made from a RECYCLED pizza box!

How cute are these bulletin board printables from Creatively Beth?

Kwik Stix can be used to create on lots of different surfaces. Both of my Team Creative Crafts’ partners made awesome Back to School projects too. Beth created adorable notebook covers from recycled grocery sacks. They would be great for book covers too. Get all of the deets over on Creatively Beth to make your own covers.

Check out this clipboard that Artsy Fartsy Mama made with Kwik Stix!

Lindsay shared painting with Kwik Stix on wood to make beautiful rainbow decor. She has all of the directions along with great tips and tricks on Artsy Fartsy Mama!

Sharing is Caring!

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