DIY Plush Animals with Polyfil

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Raise your hand if you love stuffed animals or know somebody who is crazy about them.  I have rounded up some of my favorite DIY plush animals to share with you.  All of these were created by my blogger friends and have full sets of directions on their blogs with patterns and photographs.  All of the DIY plush animals are stuffed with Poly-Fil from Fairfield World and a few of them have added Poly-Pellets.  This make them a little weighted which can be very comforting to hold.

DIY Plush Animals

Have you ever wondered why kids love stuffed animals so much.  There are so many reasons.  Here are some of the ones that I know my kids have loved over the years.

Why do kids love stuffed animals?

  • They are dependable and make great listeners.
  • Some stuffed animals represent a part of a child’s personality.
  • They keep secrets safe.
  • Stuffed animals encourage children to access their nurturing side.  Play with plush gives them a chance to be in charge.
  • Plush animals are super easy to clean up.  They can be thrown in baskets or piles on the bed.
  • They don’t get hurt.  They aren’t affected to life’s disappointments.
  • They are huggable and great to cuddle which provides comfort.

Why take time to make DIY plush animals?

  • Making things as personal gifts creates a deeper connection.
  • Crafting and sewing is good for the spirit.
  • Handmade plush can be totally customized from color/size to animal/creature.

Here are some DIY plush animals that I love.

DIY Plush Animals

They are all so adorable and have great purpose.

Here is where to find directions for these five projects.

I also love that this DIY plush animal monster serves as a classroom mascot and creates great home/school connection because I think it matters.

The back of the monster has a pocket for the book that goes back and forth to student homes to record adventures which creates so much fun and connection.

Poly-Fil is the best stuffing ever.  Here are five Poly-Fil facts!
  • 100% premium polyester fiber
  • Superior resiliency and smooth consistency
  • Made from 100% recycled polyester fiber
  • Washable and non-allergenic
  • Proudly made in the USA, unconditionally guaranteed

Would you like to win some Poly-Fil so you can stuff ALL the things?  Enter to win a 20 pound box!

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Yay for handmade, for stuffed plush and for making things!



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19 thoughts on “DIY Plush Animals with Polyfil”

  1. My granddaughter loves stuffed animals. She has quite the collection living on the top bunk of her bed!

  2. My youngest son loves stuffed animals. His new favorite thing to do is make plushies fro socks! So we could use more polyfil 🙂

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