DIY Resin Crafts Gingerbread Clips

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DIY Resin Crafts Gingerbread Clips

I think that these DIY  gingerbread clips are simply the most adorable additions to these little gifties. This was my first time using FastCast and I am excited to share that I am a total fan. I had no idea how fun this product is to work with and cannot wait to make more things with it. Gingerbread people are magical. They are like a mixture of holiday merriment and make believe. I love simple beginner resin crafts.

Resin Crafts Christmas Gingerbread Clips

Supplies Needed for Resin Gingerbread Clips

Instead of traditional resin that needs to cure overnight, I used FastCast.. It completely lives up to its name. Curing only takes about 10 minutes! Overall, I definitely learned a lot through the resin process, and am excited to try some more projects with it in the near future!

Directions to Make Resin Gingerbread Clips

Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before beginning. Once you combine the two components of the resin, you have to work quickly. So, it’s best to know what to expect. Pour in equal amounts of part “A” and part “B” into a small measuring cup. Stir the resin mixture together well with a wooden craft “popsicle” stick. Quickly but cautiously pour the resin into the molds. If you drip any resin on other parts of the mold or accidentally over-pour, don’t worry for a second.
The resin is MUCH easier to remove once it has cured than when it’s wet.
As the resin cures it starts to turn white until eventually it is all white and ready to remove from the mold.
Acrylic paint works great to paint on the finished pieces. We used Americana paints from DecoArt because they come in great colors and are easy peasy to clean up.
Once the paint is dry, a clear glossy finish can be applied if desired.
Then, glue the wooden clips to the backs of your painted pieces.

The funnest thing about this resin crafts project is that the painted gingerbread people could be added to so many things. They would be easily added to hair clips, magnets, handmade cards and all the things.

DIY Resin Gingerbread Ornaments Clips #resinornament #fastcast

Another Fun Idea

The gingerbread pieces are so darling even before they ever get painted. I think they make the most fabulous addition to this adorable gift wrapped up with a scrappy bow. Scrappy bows are a great way to use up fabric and ribbon that is left over from other projects in the craft room. Plus, they make adorable gifts.

Resin Gingerbread Gift Embelishments on Scrappy Tag

Another fun way to turn the pieces in to something creative is to make them into ornaments that can either be used to decorate the tree or added to giftwrap. Beth over at Creatively Beth painted these and I LOVE them on the tree.

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Let me know if you try FastCast for making resin crafts. It is so fun. I would love to see what you create.

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