DIY Snow Globes with Poly-Pellets

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DIY Snow Globes

Over the weekend I had a lot of fun creating snow globes to put around the house for the holiday season.  The inspiration for this DIY Snow Globe project came while stuffing the inside of a beanbag with Poly-Pellets and found that they reminded me of snow.  I am excited to share that they worked perfectly.  To get started, I gathered up some things from my studio and holiday boxes of “stuff” as well as some jars and containers and got busy.  This one is my fave.

Snow Globe in Gumball Machine

Materials Needed for DIY Snow Globe

  • Fairfield World Poly-Pellets
  • Container (Jar, Gumball Machine, Vase, Etc.)
  • Items to Put in Globe (Ornaments, Bottle Brush Trees, Etc.)

Two Step Directions for DIY Snow Globe

  1. Start but putting the Poly-Pellets into the container. Fill it up however much you like.
  2. Add the items to create the “scene)

DIY Snow Globe Ideas

I used an old ornament to make this one.  The snowman is a creation of two wooden pieces glued together then painted and covered in glitter.  The hat is made from Sculpey clay.

Snow Globe in Pitcher

This one is in a recycled jar from World Market salsa.  The pieces are all made with Bake Shop (a Sculpey clay product).

Being an ambassador for Udderly Smooth keeps my skin healthy and my heart happy.  This one was a lot of fun to put together in a giant glass jar from World Market.

Snow Globe in Giant Gar

Snow Globes are such a great way to use some of the things you have to create new masterpieces.  If you decide to make one (or a few), I highly recommend Poly-Pellets for your snow base.

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Reasons to Decorate Your Home

There are so many great reasons to decorate your home.  The decor determines the mood and the feel for your family and all who enter. It is a form of expression.  A home that is well decorated can lower anxiety and create a sense of ease and peace.  Different rooms can have different vibes determined solely by the decor — from the colors to the furniture to the accent decor.  Here are my top five reasons to decorate your home and invest in the process.

  1. A well decorated room creates a space for healthy living including the atmosphere as well as the functionality.
  2. Decorated spaces can promote well being, creativity, better rest, etc.
  3. It is fun.
  4. Home decor can change with the seasons, the holidays, and the times. It is a way to update style.
  5. There are no rules to home decorating. Your home is unique to you and your family.

FREE Printable

If you are having kiddos over and this is your craft, here is another fun activity for them to do when they finish!  You can download it FREE here on the blog.


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