Diy Sprinkle Donut Ornament

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Diy Sprinkle Donut Ornament

I am in love with all things sprinkles. I literally have purchased things simply because they are covered in sprinkles. My crafty fun book for the holidays that I wrote and illustrated is titled Sprinkling Holiday Kindness. So, making this Diy Sprinkle Donut Ornament was the most fun I have had in a long time. Because Beacon Gem-Tac is so amazing, the ornament came together so much easier than I had anticipated. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Sprinkle Donut Ornament

Supplies Needed for Diy Sprinkle Donut Ornament

Directions to Make Diy Sprinkle Donut Ornament

This project works best on a clean work surface. Whenever I am working with paint and glue, I like to be sure that everything is out of the way and my surface is clean. When I am painting on glass, I like to rest it on a piece of cork to keep it from sliding around. The cork squares are in the office aisle at stores.

Start by painting the donut on the ornament using light brown acrylic paint. Once it is dry, add frosting with the pink paint inside the brown.

Next, add the Gem-Tac glue in a squiggly design that goes all around in the pink painted area of your ornament.

Scatter the polymer clay sprinkles over the glue. It is truly like magic. It literally sticks immediately. Pick up the ornament to shake off any excess sprinkles. You will be SHOCKED at how few fall away. If they are touching the glue anywhere, they stick!

Let the glue dry completely. The recommended dry time is an hour. In 24 hours it will cure completely. Gem-Tac is great for bonding rhinestones, crystals, gems, sequins and so many things to fabric and other surfaces (like the glass). It is great for attaching pearls, plastic, studs and tokens to leather and wood too.

I LOVE the way the Gem-Tac works. 

The bottle is perfectly designed for holding while using to get precise amounts of glue where needed.

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Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama used the Gem-Tac to create this masterpiece ornament. It was so fun to watch her as it all came together. Isn’t is gorgeous? You can the details on her blog.

Reasons to Decorate Your Home For the Holidays

All three of these are great for decorating your home for the holidays! There are so many great reasons to decorate your home.  The decor determines the mood and the feel for your family and all who enter. It is a form of expression.  A home that is well decorated can lower anxiety and create a sense of ease and peace.  Different rooms can have different vibes determined solely by the decor — from the colors to the furniture to the accent decor.  Here are my top five reasons to decorate your home and invest in the process.

  1. A well decorated room creates a space for healthy living including the atmosphere as well as the functionality.
  2. Decorated spaces can promote well being, creativity, better rest, etc.
  3. It is fun.
  4. Home decor can change with the seasons, the holidays, and the times. It is a way to update style.
  5. There are no rules to home decorating. Your home is unique to you and your family.



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