Easy DIY Envelope Liners With Foil

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Easy DIY Envelope Liners With Foil

I am super excited to share with you how you can make easy DIY envelope liners with foil to add to your notes and holiday cards. Envelope liners make card sending so much for festive and fun. Adding the foiled toner papers from Therm-O-Web creates a sparking pop of color and happiness before the card even comes out of the envelope.

What Are Envelope Liners?

Envelope liners date back to the days when wedding invitations were delivered by hand. They were more than likely used to add a bit of extra protection and privacy to the special contents of the envelope. Basically, an envelope liner is a piece of paper or card stock that is cut to fit inside the envelope. It folds down with the envelope flap. They are carefully cut (can be cut by hand as you will see) to fit the envelope perfectly slip in easily fitting the envelope flap. Then, they are attached with adhesive (Easy Tear Tape) so that they stay in place. When designed accurately, they can be super fun. They add a special touch to make your handmade card really pop and stand out.

Supplies to Make DIY Envelope Liners with Foil

Directions to Make DIY Envelope Liners

Step One

Start by tracing the outline of the envelope flap onto the back of the toner paper.


If the envelope is wider than the toner paper, turn it diagonal and it might work great.

Diagonal Paper for Envelope

Step Two

Cut the paper inside the line, leaving about two inches in extra length to go down in the envelope.

Step Three

Run the cut toner paper piece through a heat laminator with the foil facing UP (both sandwiched inside a piece of parchment paper).

For more detailed directions on this process, watch this awesome video from Therm-O-Web.


Step Four

Apply Easy Tear Tape strips to the back of the foiled toner paper. Carefully slide the paper into the envelope until placed where you want it and press it down to adhere.

I did four different sizes and LOVE them all.

Hand Stamped Cards to Go IN the Envelopes

I love using the two stamp sets I designed for Therm-O-Web to create kindness cards and happy little notes. The stamps work great to decorate and add messages to the outsides of the envelopes too.

Here are two more that I whipped up.  Comment and let me know which one you like the best.

Handmade Valentines with Foil

If you like foiling and need Valentine’s Day inspiration, check out these darling cards by Creatively Beth over on her blog.

Handmade cards are the best because they have so much love and thought put into them. If you haven’t tried stamping or using foils, my line is perfect for getting started. You can get everything you need from Therm-O-Web.

DIY Envelope Liners with Thermoweb Foil #thermowebfoil #envelopelining #diy #handmadecards

More GREAT Kindness Ideas with Laura Kelly for Therm-O-Web

Team Creative Crafts had a craft-a-thon last week and we had a ball working with all of the Therm-O-Web products. Lindsay is sharing these adorable mini journals over on Artsy Fartsy Mama. They are such a great little gifty and way to create something really personal for someone you love.

Laura Kelly for Thermoweb foil and stamped notebook gift

Beth made the most darling little hand stamped fabric bags AND wrapping paper and has all of the tips/tricks for stamping on them over on Creatively Beth. They would be so fun to fill with goodies and give as party favors. They would also be super fun to give to students if you are a teacher.

Hand Stamped Holiday Gift Wrap

I shared this post a while back and if you like these ideas, these journals might be right up your alley too. Handmade journals are another really fabulous gift idea that work when you are on a budget and have lots of gifts to make.

Cheers and Love,


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