Easter Bunny Stencil Painted Jars

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Painting jars to create decorations for holidays and celebrations is a great way to personalize your colors and style.  I first made Easter bunnny stencil painted jars and then created a carrot too.  I have this crazy love for carrots so am excited to share it first.  I used DecoArt’s multi-surface paints and DecoArt’s Decou-Page too.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt but the ideas and opinions are my own.   Note…this project creates a decoration.  It is not to be used for drinking beverages!

Hand Painted Carrot Stencil Jar Decor


I LOVE this awesome set of Americana multi-surface Satin paints.


  1. Cut a carrot shape out of paper.
  2. Tape it to a jar.
  3. Paint the jar with a multi-surface paint. Paint over the paper around the edges.  Paint several coats for complete coverage.  Paint up to the base of the rim with the orange.
  4. Let it dry then remove the paper.
  5. Paint green foliage on the top of the carrot and let it dry.
  6. Add a coat of Decou-Page to seal the paint.
  7. Tie twine around the top of the jar.
  8. Fill with candy or treats to create a decoration

Making Easter bunny stencil painted jars is easy peasy and really fun.  I love them because they are great for filling with candy or spring decorations. This project would work great with recycled food jars or newly purchased Mason jars.  Depending on the colors and the stencil used, they could be made for any holiday or celebration decor.  They are super fast to create so making a bunch of them for table centerpieces would be totally cost effective and do-able.  These are a little different than the carrots in that they don’t have several coats of paint and were sanded down before adding the Decou-Page.  This is an easier version for kiddos who struggle with perfection.


Creating Easter Bunny Stencil Painted Jars is fast and simple.  Follow the same directions as above.

These decorative jar are NOT for drinking from.  The materials and supplies are not to be consumed in any way.

If you aren’t sure about making your own paper stencil, you can download this fun printable coloring sheet and cut out one of the shapes in it!

And check out this awesome Easter decor project that I shared last year using DecoArt paints and Decou-Page.  It takes a little longer but gosh, isn’t the newspaper bunny darling?

Mixed Media Easter Bunny Canvas Art

Cheers to DIY Projects for Celebrating the Season!


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