Carrot Beanbags

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Beanbags are just great for so many reasons.  Let’s just start by saying that they are festive and super cute when they are carrot beanbags!  I am excited to share with you lots of ways you can use beanbags in a bit but first let’s make them.  Let’s make lots of carrot beanbags!  I love the way these carrot beanbags feel because they are filled with Fairfield World’s Poly-Pellets.  This makes them perfect beanbags because they are filled with weighted non-toxic pellets!  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own.

and 10 Ways to Use Them at Home and in the Classroom

To make carrot beanbags, you will need the following supplies and materials.

Download the pattern.

Cut out the patterns.

Pin the patterns to felt and cut out carrots and tops.  Each beanbag will need 2 carrot pieces and 1 top.

Sew the tops to one piece of carrot.

Add fabric details to the other piece for each carrot beanbag.

Pin the carrot pieces for each beanbag together.

Sew around the carrot using a Zig-Zag stitch, leaving the area where the green top is OPEN for filling with Poly-Pellets.

Fill the carrots with Poly-Pellets.  This opening (using the pattern) allows room to use the Easy-Pour container which I LOVE because I usually get them all over my studio.  This is one of the greatest packaging ideas ever!  Do not overfill them.

Sew the carrots closed on the tops.

Ta Da.  You have three darling carrot beanbags.

Now let’s put them to use.   Here are 10 ways to use them at home or in a classroom!

  1. Place a bean bag in front of a working student who is demonstrating good work habits (quiet, on task, etc.)  Move it around as fitting.
  2. Tape a number to the bottom of the bag. Everyone says a number. The one closest to the number gets to do a special job (line leader, wash brushes, etc.)
  3. Pass the bean bag around while in a circle.  Each student shares one thing when they have the bean bag that relates to your current lessons.  Once they have gone, they stand up.
  4. Place photos of the students on the floor.   Children take turns tossing the bag on a picture. Then they have to say three nice things about the student in the photo.
  5. Use the beanbag like musical chairs in a circle.
  6. Send the beanbag home each night with a different student and a journal.  Have them write about a special place in their room where they kept the beanbag over night.
  7. Make a number board and have the students toss three bean bags onto the board and add up the numbers they land on.
  8. Use the beanbag to hold down papers that are handed in for homework.
  9. Estimate the weights of the beanbags then weigh them and compare numbers.
  10. Make a list of all the things that could be used to fill a beanbag.

Cheers to Carrots, to Beanbags and to Springtime!



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