Easy DIY Painted Mugs

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Easy DIY Painted Mugs

These easy DIY painted mugs are super fun to create and use in promoting growth going into a new year. While I recommend them as a New Year’s Eve project, they are fun to make any day at all. The Glass Paint Markers from DecoArt work on glass and ceramics offering a variety of styles of mugs that can be used.  We used these simple white mugs to create a family collection of mugs that celebrate our “ONE WORDS” for the coming year. Every December I choose a word to guide me through the coming year – kind of like a focus word to keep me on track. My word for next year is CREATE and I plan to remind myself daily that when I am focused on CREATING my vision and doing what it takes to have it manifest, anything is possible.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Make a Decorated Ceramic Mug


To create these easy DIY painted mugs, you will need the following materials and supplies:


Start with clean, dry mugs. They can either be ceramic or glass. Prime the tips of the markers by pressing them gently on a hard surface.  The tips will fill with paint quickly so be ready! Next, sketch out on a piece of paper what you want to create on your mug.  This step is optional but really helpful, especially for kids or those who worry about making mistakes.

Use the markers to decorate the mugs. This is a great chance to create I AM statements for kiddos to read while enjoying their hot cocoa or apple cider. I AM statements are powerful in creating growth. You can read more about them HERE.


Add as many details as you would like.

Let the paint CURE for at least eight hours before baking in the oven at 375% for 40 minutes.  Once the mugs have cooled, the design is permanent. The mugs are ready to fill with hot cocoa and sprinkle bombs!

Handpainted Mugs and Sprinkle Bombs

The Glass Paint Markers are available at Michaels Stores and also on DecoArt.Com.

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