Back to School Embroidery Floss Crafts for Kids

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Back to School Embroidery Floss Crafts for Kids

We are so excited to share a few creative back to school ideas with craft thread (aka embroidery floss).  The girls are already experts at making friendship bracelets so creating new and fabulous projects for back to school was super fun.  Back to School season is such an exiting time with all of the supply shopping, the fashion planning and the locker decor.  These ideas are great for Back to School Embroidery Floss Crafts for Kids

Embroidery Floss Crafts - Ideas for Back to School Kid Crafts

Project Ideas for Back to School Crafts

Let’s start with our favorite (and simple) friendship bracelet.  These are great to make for summer friends who might not be in the same class or even going to the same school as your kiddo.  They are a great way to spread a little love and connection.

Steps to Make an Easy Friendship Bracelet with Embroidery Floss or Craft Thread

  • Cut 5 pieces of craft thread (30 inches long each).  Fold the floss in half and tie a know about 2 inches from the fold.  It will make a loop.  Match the colors up to make 5 strands.
  • Starting with the color on the left, weave it through the other colors (over then under then over then under).  Pull it up tight while keeping the rest of the colors in place.
  • Do the same thing with the other colors from left to right until your bracelet is long enough.
  • Tie the pieces all together into a knot.
  • Put the bracelet on a wrist and tie the ends together tightly then cut the excess.

Pom poms are so trendy right now.  We made these with Boye’s new Pom Pom and Tassel tool in a matter of minutes.

They are a great way to create locker decor with school colors.  To turn the pom-poms into a garland, sew a long piece of the craft thread through the centers.  Pom poms in rainbow colors are pretty fun too.  We painted this wood frame with chalkboard paint then decorated it with the pom pom garland. I LOVE the way they turn out as one of the best embroidery floss crafts.

How to Make Peg Dolls with Embroidery Floss

If you have kiddos who have worries about school, help them create some worry dolls with clothespins and craft thread.  They can keep them in a pocket of their backpack.  In Guatemala, it is tradition to tell your worries to your dolls then go to bed with them under your pillow.  While you are sleeping, they take your worries away.  I think they could work their magic in a backpack pocket or a pencil box too.

To make the dolls, we wrapped (and wrapped) the thread around the pins.  To adhere the ends, we used a teeny tiny bit of hot glue.  It was easy peasy!

For the eyes, we used a permanent marker.

How to Make a God’s Eye

This is a super fun craft to make and add as locker decor. You can grab all of the deets and get started right away.

how to make god's eye craft with Anchor Embroidery Floss

Supporting kids as they transition from summer to school can be a very rewarding time.  It creates an opportunity to make things that matter and to do it together.

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready. Of course I think it fun all year round to make embroidery floss crafts.

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  1. We used to make friendship bracelets like mad. This is a great pattern for beginners. thanks.

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