Felt Firecracker Placemats

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Felt Firecracker Placemats

These Felt Firecracker Placemats are super crazy easy to make and create adorable decor. I love using felt because it doesn’t fray.  The colors are bright, bold and beautiful too which is a plus. The completed placemats are fun to use for decorating a festive table for the 4th of July decor, Memorial Day decor and Labor Day weekend decor too.

Supplies Needed for Felt Firecracker Placemats

My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.

Directions for Felt Firecracker Placemats

You really only need felt and a way to put the DIY patriotic placemats together.  I sewed mine on my favorite sewing machine , my Baby Lock Melody However, you could use fabric glue too. If you go this route, I recommend Fabri-Fuse for long term, lasting results.

The base is a piece of blue Kunin Premium felt cut to 18 x 9 inches.  It is so easy to cut with a rotary cutter but scissors could be used too.

Using scissors, cut out dots and stripes for your placemats.

Next, sew on the stripes and dots using the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.  Ta Da!   I love them with the drinks in mason jars.

Ten Reasons to Craft

I am going to say this again.  Crafting is just a great idea.  It is proven that crafting can be really good for mental and emotional health.  Studies show that making and crafting can lower anxiety.  Another benefit to crafting is that it creates connection.  When we make things and give them to others, we spread kindness and love.  Here are my top ten reasons to craft with kids, and I mean kids of all ages.

  1. Mental Health Benefits – Crafting puts me in a good mood.
  2. Self Expression – Crafting allows me to express myself.
  3. Education and Growth – I learn new skills by making things.
  4. Connection – Crafting connects me others through workshops, classes and gifting.
  5. Decor – Through making and crafting, I can totally customize every aspect of my decor.
  6. Gift Giving – Gifts is totally my love language.  I love to make handmade gifts.
  7. Offline Time – Crafting keeps me off of my phone and social media. We all know this can be beneficial.
  8. Income – Because I craft and sell items that I make, I have an additional income source.
  9. Fun – I like to have fun and to me, making things is fun.
  10. Socializing – Attending events where crafting is a part gets me out and around others with like minds.

MORE Patriotic Crafts

Let’s start with this one.  I mean, how darling are the confetti poppers over on See Lindsay?  She used her Cricut Explore to make them.

Yesterday on Tuesday is sharing the tutorial for this mini patriotic sign.

Oh my gosh, I love this next one.  Laura from Laura’s Crafty Life steals the show with a chalkboard star that features PAPER STRAWS.  I love paper straws!  I love Laura too.

Ann Makes create a darling cat accessory.

Ducktape and Denim has great directions for making tassels from embroidery floss.

Storypiece is sharing wine charm tassels for patriotic entertaining.

Cheers to Celebrating the USA!




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