Giant Yard Witch

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Making a giant yard witch with Oly*Fun from Fairfield World is a fabulous way to let your neighborhood know that you are lover or all things Halloween.  This giant yard witch is made with a yardstick so it is super durable and easy peasy to hang on a door, garage or in a tree.  Working with Oly*Fun is one of my favorite ways to craft because it is such a fabulous material that cuts like paper.  It can be sewn but also works great with fabric glue, which is how this witch was made.  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own!

Giant Yard Witch Halloween DIY

To make a giant yard witch you will need the following supplies and materials.

Start by folding the two large green pieces of Oly*Fun over a yardstick, gluing them to the front and back of the stick.

Cut out facial features using both Oly*Fun and felt.

Create a giant felt black hat.  The felt will create a sturdy top for the witch.  Glue the rim of the hat to the top of the witch’s head across the yardstick.  Let dry completely.

Cut a hole in the top point of the hat.  Tie yarn around one side of the yardstick then feed it through the hole and tie to the other side of the yardstick.  This will create a strong hanging structure for the witch.

Hang the witch up somewhere in your yard, on your door or on your garage.  Personally, I love her hanging in the tree and blowing in the wind.

Giant Yard Witch in Tree for Halloween

This can be made in a smaller version (ruler size) too.  This little witch is adorably spooky on the family menu board.

DIY Halloween Witch Decoration

Last year I created giant ghosts with Oly*Fun for Halloween.  You can get those directions here on the blog too!

Giant Yard Ghosts

YAYAYAYYAY for Spooky Fun Decorations!


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