Girl Scout Law Game

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We say the Girl Scout law at every gathering but finding time to let the girls talk about what it means somehow gets overlooked in the busy flow of our meetings and outings.  This game is a great way to get them using the words in conversation through the activity of playing a game.  The game board can be made out of paper or fabric, felt or painted on wood.

Print out a score card for every girl playing.

Create your game board.  This version uses nine felt squares.

Set the game board up (nine color squares attached together or placed out in the grass.  It is best for to at least be five inch squares for success.  The bigger the squares, the easier the game.

Each girl should have a rock to toss.  Be sure that they are fairly small and not too heavy.  On each turn, the girl tosses the rocks to try to get that color so she can initial it on her score card.  It is great if the girls share a way that they show that trait at this time before initialing the card.

Here is a version of the game with larger and more decorative felt squares.  You can check it out on the Kunin Felt Blog.

If you want the Girl Scout Law printable, grab it in this post.

Keep going until everyone has filled up their cards.  Then the girls can sign the bottoms and discuss what they have learned.

Easy peasy, but super empowering.

Cheers to Girl Scouts,


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