Halloween Family Game Night

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Gather up the kiddos and have the spookiest silly fun with this game and snack.

Creating memories is what life is really all about. For me, many of my childhood memories with my family are from playing games, games and more games. I have a healthy love for PLAY and doing things that make us come together to compete, connect and grow together. The Halloween version go Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (YES, always in THAT order) is a total winner.

About the Game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

The original card game is a hit for families, kids, young adults and classroom play. It has a quick playing time (great for those who struggle to sit still). But even better than the quick playing time is that is is pretty much ALWAYS your turn – as in FOCUS UP and pay attention.

The directions are super simple. Once you know how to play the OG game, this version for Halloween is pretty much the same. There are three fun cards that jazz the play up a bit – Boorilla, Arrrwhal, and Hogula!

I mostly LOVE the cute character from the OG game dressed up in costumes on the 64 playing cards in this deck.

The Dolphin Hat Mission

Dolphin Hat Games is dedicated to creating innovative card games that will make you THINK FAST on your feet, LAUGH out loud & CONNECT with others!

Taco Cookies

Use the easy and amazing sugar cookie recipe to make the dough for these cookies. NOTE, it needs some time to refrigerate.

Once the dough is rolled out, cut circles using a cup or a cutter, whatever you have around.

Then, cut the circles into halves with a knife before baking.

Once baked, let the cookies cool COMPLETELY on a cooling rack before even thinking about decorating with royal icing.

Decorate the taco cookies to add to a fun spread of spooky snacks that stick with the Halloween game night theme.

Another Great Game For the Family

Here is another super fun one for y’all to play – Gimme That! You can find out all about it here on the blog AND get a great recipe for potato skins too. Because, games and snacks ALWAYS pair up well together.

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Halloween Family Game Night with Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and Matching Snack including recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing #halloween #party #gamenight

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