Hand Painted Ceramics For Daddy

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Father’s Day is coming up fast!  Hand painted ceramics for daddy make great gifts for two reasons.  First, daddies love things that are made by their kiddos.  Second, ceramics last and last and last and create usable items that are awesome. If you don’t have a ceramic painting studio nearby, you can do the home version with these darling Paint Your Own Mug Kits.


I created a few to share some ideas of things you could do with your kids to celebrate their daddies.  Check them out. This is them in the painting process before being glazed and fired!


The first one is my favorite.  We drink a lot of tea and hot cocoa around here so these matching mugs are perfect!

PicMonkey Collage

And this cross, this adorable cross.  We see God Bless My Daughter and God Bless My Son and God Bless This Home, etc. etc. but rarely do we see God Bless Daddy.


One of the things we say a lot in our family is, “Love you to the moon and back” so this frame is a sure thing.  Your kiddos can paint the frames and you can add the text.  I used French Dimensions from Duncan to create the text here.


Get going.  Find a ceramics studio near you and start painting before you run out of time!

Cheers and Happy Painting,


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