Heart Sugar Cookies to LOVE

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When it is cold (which is was yesterday), I like to bake.  It warms things up and creates happy all over our home.  Sugar cookies are always a favorite, especially ones that are decorated and adorable when they make it to school lunch with Daddy (which they did) to be shared with the 6th grade lunch bunch.

It all started with a pouch of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix and 3 colors of Betty Crocker frosting.  It is so easy peasy.  Mix it up being sure to use the directions for cookies you plan to roll out and cut.  Then….cut them out!  I cut different sizes of hearts and cut the middles out of some.

Then bake and cool.

To decorate, I created some with frosting filled centers using the cut out middle cookies for the tops.  Oh and that plate.  I painted it and fired it in my kiln with my Duncan stash of awesomeness.  #iheartduncan

For others, I make little cookie stacks.  I have had this tiny heart cutter since 1995 when I was a 2-week long Tupperware sales girl.  Oh, the memories.

I even created an adorable little gift tag with one of my new stamps that I designed from expressionery.com to create a little baked gift.  I like these little cookie stacks because they are different and fun to eat.

Baking makes me happy.  It is fun and creative and produces something that when shared makes others happy too.  I love that!



PS:  They were super yummy!  Yes, they are all gone.

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3 thoughts on “Heart Sugar Cookies to LOVE”

  1. Those cookies are adorable. I don’t think I got to see them in person. But I had to leave a quick comment about the Lunch Bunch that I find completely awesome. So, M tells me that she, your JJ, and Ally are the only three of the Lunch Bunch who don’t spend all of lunch on their phones, so they have a mini-subset of the Lunch Bunch called JAM. For their initials, get it? And they have a secret handshake that is ADORABLE. OMG, I love middle school.

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