Painted Rocks for Valentines Day Crafting

How to Paint Kindness Rocks

Painted Rocks for Valentines The darling rocks also make adorable little gifts to give to friends and family.  I love that the Multi-Surface paints from DecoArt don’t require any topcoat so once the rocks are painted, they are ready to go.  Of course you could use any paints to make these including paint pens and markers. The designs can be simple or complicated. The idea of this activity is to …

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Cupid Crunch Valentine’s Chex Day Mix For Gifts

Cupid Crunch and Free Valentine Party Printables

Cupid Crunch Valentine’s Day Chex Mix For Gifts Making cereal mixes and treats is my jam. Getting ready for celebration all things Valentine’s Day means sweet treats and dreaming about love. Cupid is a fictitous character that plays a fun role in Valentines. I am going to share more about him in a bit because it is interesting. But first things first – let’s make this delicious recipe and talk …

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Easy DIY Valentine Garland for Beginner Crafters

Easy DIY Valentine Garland

Easy DIY Valentine Garland for Beginner Crafters Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite hobbies. Actually decorating for the seasons, for events and just for fun is really my favorite. I just LOVE to decorate. This project is fabulous for first time makers because it is simple enough yet creates a beautiful completed decoration for your home, classroom or office. Let’s get started and make an easy DIY …

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DIY Cork Message Board

How to Make a DIY Cork Message Board with Ribbon #valentinecraft #adult #ribbon #diy #messageboard

DIY Cork Message Board Everyone loves to get a little message reminding them that they are special and that they matter.  This bulletin board craft is super simple and fun for kids and adults. It would be a fun group activity at a Girl Scout meeting or in a classroom too. Because the ribbons could be used in any color scheme, it is perfect to pair up with a favorite …

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Snowman Soup Valentine Poem Free Printable

Snowman Soup Valentine Printable #freeprintable #valentine #snowmansoup #valentine #gift

Snowman Soup Valentine Poem Free Printable Cheers to spreading kindness for Valentine’s Day (and all the days)! Every one loves a good snowman soup recipe with a free snowman soup printable label.  It is super for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, friends and delivery drivers alike. Furthermore, the gift itself can be big or small. Make it with a packet of hot cocoa or a huge batch of a homemade mix. …

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Candy Bar Cupcakes from Box Mix

Candy Bar Cupcakes Using a Box Cake Mix #candybar #cake #cupcake #garbagecake #buttercream #chocolate

 Candy Bar Cupcakes From Box Mix  Firstly, the super deep cupcake pan makes the most magical center area to fill with crushed candy. Second, they are delicious. Thirdly, they are festive and super fun. Baking up a batch of these is a great way to prep for a party, celebration or holiday event. Any candy bar can be used but my thought is – the more chocolate the better. For …

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Easy Foil Paper Craft Valentine Treat Tags

Easy Foil Paper Craft Valentine Treat Tags Creating handmade goodies is always a good idea, especially at Valentine’s Day! Using foil to add a sparkling shiny takes paper crafting to the next level. Did you know that Therm-O-Web has the very best line(s) of not only foil colors but also the transfer papers. I love working with paper to make things, especially when it is for a holiday or celebration. …

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DIY Upcycled Vintage Quilt Decor Wand Heart

DIY Vintage Quilt Decor Heart Wand Over the last year or so, I have become pretty passionate about shopping at antique barns and vintage shops. I, of course, use Poly-Fil from Fairfield World to bring these wands to life. I can’t wait to show you how. I don’t have the words to describe how much I LOVE this project. I made about twenty of them and send a few out …

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Owl Valentine’s Day Box Free SVG File

DIY Owl Valentine FREE SVG

 Owl Valentine’s Day Box Free SVG File The anticipation and excitement of Valentine’s Day was always so much fun as a classroom teacher and as a mom. The whole idea of spreading kindness and love through the act of giving Valentines to friends and classmates rocks. Creating the project is such a fun and meaningful way to interact with your child. I love this particular box because it is great …

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Best Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

Best Ideas For School Valentine's Day Party #school #classroom #valentine #party #ideas #roommom

Best Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities Valentine’s Day is always an exciting time in the schools. As a teacher and a mom (and even when I was a kid), prepping for and planning the Valentine’s Day party was super exciting. I decided to share the best Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities with you here in one place so you can pick and choose what works for you. These ideas are also great …

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