How to Tie Dye Silk Scarves Girl Scout Crafts

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How to Tie Dye Silk Scarves Girl Scout Crafts

It is crazy to believe but we did this awesome and amazing fashion craft while camping high in the Colorado mountains. I think it is important to offer girls as many opportunities as possible to be creative and try new ways of expressing individuality. Tie Dying is a favorite of ours so we decided to take it on the road and do it while camping. The most fun part of this project was seeing all of the scarves drying in the wind between the trees. I can’t wait to share how to tie dye silk scarves with you using Tulip Tie Dye. This is one of the best Girl Scout Crafts ever.

Materials and Supplies Needed


There are so many different ways to tie up and band items before dyeing them. Because silk scarves are so tiny, smaller rubber bands work best. The girls did different things which made all of their fashion accessories unique and amazing.

Step One

Get the scarf wet and ring our excess water. If you are doing this while camping as one of your Girl Scout crafts, you can just ring the water out right on the plants.

Step Two

Tie and band up the scarf.

They all tied and twisted and banded in such a variety of ways. Isn’t is fun to learn how to tie dye silk scarves?

Step Three

Mix the pre-made bottles of dye with required amount of water and shake until the powder is completely disolved.

Step Four

Apply dye as desired. Sometimes it is fun to use a lot of dye and others not so much. This is totally up to the desired look.

Some of the girls chose to wear gloves and some didn’t. The dye is non-toxic so won’t do anything awful but will, of course, dye the skin temporarily. When teaching how to tie dye silk scarves, I like to give out as few rules as possible for them to learn.

Step Five

Make sure you have all the dye you want on your fabric.

How to Tie Dye Silk Scarves

Put the scarves in individual bags and let them sit. We let ours sit overnight before rinsing.

Step Six

Rinse the scarves thoroughly then hang on the line to dry.

These made the most special gifts to give to our volunteers.

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How to Tie Dye Silk Scarves Girl Scout Crafts

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