How To Use Stamps for Embroidery Pattern

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Use the adorable Me and My Peeps clear stamps that I designed for Therm-Web to create darling embroidery patterns and make hand stitched families.

The Me and My Peeps clear stamp set is so versatile. While it can be used for traditional card making and paper crafting, there are so many additional ways to put it to good use. This method of using the stamps on acrylic blocks to create an embroidery pattern on a recycled tote bag is one of my new favorites. I can’t wait to show you how I created this super fun personalized family gift. Everyone loves a good stick people embroidery pattern idea!

Materials and Supplies Needed


Before beginning, determine how large the family is that you plan to create with the stamps then stitch. Build that family on a large clear stamp block as this will determine how large of the tote bag you will need to make your house pattern. Your stick people embroidery pattern will be great to customize the perfect gift for any family.

Step One

Cut out a house to fit your family. If the family is large, it is okay to do multiple rows of Me and My Peeps! After all, some families also have loads of pets to add. Cut a front and a back, exactly the same size. Then choose one piece to be your front and set the other aside.

Step Two

Using a light gray stamp pad, ink your stamps and press the designs onto the front piece of the house that was just cut from the tote bag. Do this on a flat/hard surface. It is often a good idea to practice once or twice on a piece of scrap paper. This stamp image does NOT have to be perfect. However, when stamped just right – it alone could be the work of art. Gosh, it could even be hand colored with fabric pencils.

Step Three

Use pretty colors of embroidery floss to accent the stamped images of the family members, keeping in mind that they don’t have to be completely filled. By using the entire strand of 6, the embroidery floss will cover the lines of the stamps with one stitch over. Any and all stitches are welcome for this process. I love that there are now so many fabulous stitch tutorials on social media and YouTube that are easy for beginners.

Thermoweb Stamped Peeps with Embroidery

Add black stitches for outlines too.

Step Four

Once your family is stitched, use a sewing machine to add fabric roof cut to size (by tracing the house) then pin the front of the house to the back. It is easier to sew around the edges and have the roof stay in place once sewn if you add a little Peel and Stick FabriFuse to the center of the fabric first. I find that this material supply works like magic on projects like this.

Step Five

Sew around the edge using a zig-zag stitch and leaving a 3-4 inch opening at the bottom to stuff your work of art.

Step Six

Stuff your house with Poly-Fil. It can be however fluffy our hard you like by using less or more filling.

Stitch the opening up!

If you like this fun family stamp idea, here is another fun one for you! There are so many ways to use the stamps to create amazing gifts.


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How To Make an Embroidery Pattern With Clear Stamps from Thermoweb for a perfect personalized family gift

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