Kid Made Garden Flags For Outdoor Decor

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Kid Made Garden Flags for Outdoor Decor

This is such a simple and fun craft idea. It can be done by beginners, kids, adults and really anyone who wants to create a little DIY decor.  Garden flags (also known as mini flags) are great for patios, gardens and indoor decor. The supplies are fairly inexpensive so this project is great for doing with groups of kids whether in a classroom, at home, during a party or an event. Kid made garden flags are fun for room decor too!

Materials and Supplies Needed for Garden Flag DIY

  • Oly-Fun
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Dowel Rod

Oly-Fun is great to work with because it cuts really really really easily with scissors, almost like paper.  The edged do not fray!  It is sort of like magic fabric.  To make these flags, we used a full sheet from the Grab-And-Go pack. You can also buy Oly*Fun by the yard at your local craft store in a HUGE variety of colors. This is preferable if you are making Kid Made Garden Flags with a classroom or group.


Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what colors to use and provide for kids. Choices are awesome but too many can be overwhelming. When choosing colors, there are several things to think about. Here are a few ideas of color selections.

  • Team Colors (Major League or Little League)
  • School Colors 
  • Colors to Match Room Decor
  • Rainbow Colors
  • Beach Colors
  • Any Favorite Color Combination

Directions for Kid Made Garden Flags

The steps are really easy. The possibilities are endless. Kids can create with Oly*Fun just like they can with paper. While sewing is one way to get the pieces together, fabric glue (or really any brand of glue) can easily be substituted for tiny hands.

Step One

Start out by folding the top of your piece over and stitching (or gluing it) to create a slot to go over a rod.  If you are doing this with a large group of children, this is a step that could be done ahead of time.

Step Two

To create your flag decorations, you have several options.  Personally, We  love to cut things out on my die-cut machine.  We cut these flowers out of the orange and green sheets with a die that I design for Sizzix/Ellison. You could use any patterns or freehand cut any designs for this project.

Step Three

We used kid glue to attach them to the flag.  Ta Da!

Beach and ocean decor is trending like crazy these days!  Check out the crab. Isn’t he adorable?

We added a strip of ribbon to the bottom of this one.  Trims and buttons are great things to embellish the flags.

Adding Paint to the Flags

Oly-Fun is so multipurpose that you can paint on it too.  We added white polka dots to the black with acrylic paint and a round sponge brush.

Once the paint was dry, we added a big purple letter W to the flag by sewing it to the black on the sewing machine.

Quick and Easy Kid Made Garden Flags


The flags can be made in a mini version too!

There are so so many ways to personalize and create these flags.  Because the material is awesome for kids, they can access their imagination and get really creative.

Cheers to Kid Made Garden Flags!


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