Kids And Craft Kits

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Kids And Craft Kits

May times asking a kid to make something from scratch without a guide is simply overwhelming.  Kids and craft kits can go together in some pretty magical ways, especially kits from Ann Williams Group.  I am teaming up with my favorite toy store, Beyond the Blackboard, to share one of my favorite Ann Williams kits with you.  This post is sponsored by Beyond the Blackboard but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Okay, let’s start with how adorable this craft kit is when it comes wrapped and ready from the store.  Beyond the Blackboard wraps gifts for FREE and always adds this awesome bundle of a bow tied on.

The Craft Kit – Unicorn String Art


Organize supplies.  The box comes with TWO projects so separate them out.

The kit comes with awesome directions.  The pins go in so easy.

Wrap the string.  I love that their is so much extra white for great coverage.

Add the yarn.

Shred the yarn to make it fuzzy.


I LOVE all of the projects that were made by my blogger friends using the kits.  You can check them out HERE on the blog over at Beyond the Blackboard.

AND you can enter to win an Ann Williams Craft Kits Prize Pack of FIVE Different Kits.

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There are so many benefits to kids that make things.  Kids and craft kits are a great way to get them going.  Once they are on their way and feeling successful, there are SO many ways for them to create their own gifts, home decor, party favors, cards and school projects.  Every time they make something, they get to feel accomplished and successful.

Hop over to see the other projects made by my blogger friends HERE.

Here is a unicorn stitching project that might be fun to try.  The tutorial is on the blog WITH a free printable pattern HERE.

Unicorn Stitching Craft Project with Printable Pattern

YAY for Creating, Connecting and Making,


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29 thoughts on “Kids And Craft Kits”

  1. I craft with my daughters. They all like certain crafts more than others. It’s always something different.

  2. We love crafting with cardboard and glue and construction paper. My son doesn’t let me recycle cardboard for a loooong time

  3. I love to craft with myself hahaha but also with my kiddos! All of them, especially my girls love doing craft projects with me. And this one is sooooo super cute!

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