Camping Kid Crafts With Masking Tape – Best Girl Scout Craft Ideas

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Camping Kid Crafts With Masking Tape – Best Girl Scout Craft Ideas

When I ordered the masking tape to take on the camping trip, I was stretching towards a new idea.  I had no idea just how much it would rock this past weekend.  I took my Cadette Girl Scout troop camping and we had a complete blast.  I, of course, took a ton of crafting supplies because these girls LOVE to make all the things.  I am really excited to share that it was masking tape that was the biggest hit.  . I can honestly say that Camping Kid Crafts With Masking Tape stole the crafting show with ALL of the girls. This is one of the most original Girl Scout Craft Ideas yet. I am super crazy excited to share what these girls created…starting with place mats for the campsite table

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Supplies Needed for Masking Tape Art

I love this so much because usually I need to make long supply and material lists. The only thing needed for Kids Crafts with Masking Tape is the TAPE.

Masking Tape Placemats

The girls in this Girl Scout troop are pretty amazing.  They blow me away with their talents, ideas and creative ways of sharing.  They found a way to turn our campsite’s beaten up picnic table into a party spot by using the tape to make place mats RIGHT ON THE TABLE! The tape was perfect because it tears easily which means that they didn’t need scissors. It was also sticky enough to completely stay stuck on the wooden surface. When it comes to Girl Scout craft ideas, this is a winner for sure.

Masking Tape Place Mats on Picnic Table

Watching them create makes my heart so happy! Each child gets to explore their imagination and express their creativity with this project. Then when they are all done, it creates a community right on the table. I think that is beautiful.

Masking Tape Place Mats - Best Girl Scout Craft Ideas

Here are some close ups of their masterpieces. It is a great idea to go around the edges and border the designs with that extra layer of tape.

Heart and Emoji Masking Tape Art

Girl Scout Craft Ideas Masking Tape Art Placemats

Panda Tape Art

When we were done camping, we took the place mats and mounted them on paper.  I plan to frame them for the girls because they are awesome sauce.

Camping Craft Magic Sticks – A Favorite Kid Crafts with Masking Tape

I pretty much love this too.  One of the girls created a “magic” stick that we used for playing games. She simply wrapped tape around a stick and created a rainbow. We used it to play hot potato a few times. She is actually the younger sister of one of our scouts so they all adore her, like a mascot sort of. She hid the stick in the campsite boundaries for them to find. She even made a riddle or two to give them clues.

Magic Stick Masking Tape Magic Stick in Progress Masking Tape

Walking Stick with Masking Tape

Another one of the girls used the tape to decorate her walking stick! The next thing that was happening was the rest of the troop doing the same. This creates a great way to quickly determine whose stick belongs to who when heading out on a hike.

Walking Stick in Process Masking Tape

Ta Da! This Kid Crafts With Masking Tape idea is awesome, right? The funniest thing to me is the reason the girls use the walking sticks. It isn’t because we go on crazy hard hikes. They are not needing them for physical support. They just LIKE to find them and use them to PLAY. Play is so important, no matter how old we get.

Walking Stick Masking Tape

Ceremonial Circle Made with Masking Tape

The girls worked together to make a ceremonial circle in the middle of the woods which they used in creative play.   This worked out great because the cleanup was simple and easy! The tape literally rips right down.

Ceremony Masking Tape

We even had a little weaving happening in the trees!  Kid Crafts With Masking Tape are way more diversified than I ever imagined. Kids are so great at creating their own magic given a set of colorful tape.

Tape Weaving

Okay, the greatest part.  You can get the ENTIRE set of masking tape on Amazon, Prime Even.

More Girl Scout Craft Ideas for Camping

I am a true believer in crafting for kids. It gives them the opportunity to connect, learn and grow. While camping in the woods, they have the chance to access their imaginations in ways that are magical. With the smells, sounds and sightings in nature, it is like their artistic hearts just explode. While I think just about any kind of project can be taken and worked on while camping, here are some of the best ones to do with kids. If you have more, please comment and share them.

Best Camping Crafts For Kids

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Cheers to Girl Scout Craft Ideas!








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