MINION Stuffies for Party Guests

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We did it. We successfully sewed up a dozen Minion pillows for Zoe’s party guests.  We used felt by the yard from Kunin Group and Poly-Fil Stuffing from Fairfield World and created this adorable creatures!

Felt Minion Plush Stuffed Stuffie DIY Despicable Me Character

The creating part was so much fun.  We drew a pattern and cut pieces out.


And more pieces…



Zoe sewed on my new BabyLock machine.  She did such a great job.


The army began to grow.


Each party guest got a Minion.  They each created their own mouth from black felt to give it their own personality.  Then they hand stitched them on.


They loved them and were so excited about taking them to the theater for the movie!

Party Girls



When were home and crafting, the girls decided they wanted to make little Tims for their Minions so it was back to making a pattern, cutting , sewing and stuffing.


This is Ryp’s Minion with his little Tim.  He is the best sport of a daddy ever.

Ryp and Tim

The girls wanted to make little ones to give away but we just didn’t have time.  We are going to be making 24 little ones next to donate to the Ronald McDonald house with her friends from Girl Scouts as soon as the fall season kicks back in.  Who doesn’t love a Minion to hug?  We got a little head start.

Mini Minions

Cheers and Happy Creating,


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