PYOP Minion Mugs

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These PYOP Minion mugs are so fun!  PYOP (Paint Your Own Pottery) allows one an opportunity to express himself through ceramic arts while creating a piece that is permanent.  I love playing with the colors and trying new things.  One of the funnest things about ceramic arts is the mysterious transformation that happens in the kiln.  I made these two mugs as samples using all Duncan products.  Zoe’s Minions birthday bash is Wednesday and the girls will be painting their own.  I will fire them while they sleep so they can have hot cocoa in them with their breakfast!  Yum.

Minion Mug Paint your own Pottery PYOP

I always spend some time setting up first and sometimes even sketch what I am creating.


For these, I painted the blue (several coats) first.


Then I added the yellow.


I used circle Embellies for the eyes.  I painted them white, let it dry and then used Black French Dimensions for the eyeballs.  I also used it to attach them to the mugs and for the smiles.


So cute!  I painted a thick black band for the goggle strap before adding the eyes.


I did one with one eye and the other with two.


I let them dry dry dry dry dry then dipped them in glaze to fire in my Skutt kiln.  Ta Da!  Here they are with hot cocoa and sprinkles from The Bakers Party Shop!


Zoe Approves!


Ryp prefers coffee!


I love them.  I can’t wait to see what the girls create.  I will be sure to add to this post and share a picture of their masterpieces.

Cheers and Happy Creating,


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