My Favorite Gifts from UncommonGoods.Com

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This year I am pretty excited to be giving some super fantastic things to the people I love most for Christmas.  These are my favorite picks from Uncommon Goods for the people in my family and for myself too!  This post was sponsored by Uncommon Good but the thoughts are my own.  I am starting with the things I want this year.  Feel free to share this with my husband, Ryp!  😉

You might not know this but my husband owns a frog company.  He is the owner/zookeeper for Froggy’s Lair and is going to die over this mug.  He drinks a lot of hot tea so it is beyond perfect.  It is called the Jumping Frog Mug.  The mug was created by artist Joey Sage Jablonksi.  It was inspired by her son’s fascination with frogs.

Zoe is our baker.  She loves to be in the kitchen and make all the things.  This gnome sponge holder is actually perfect for her mixing spatula.  She doesn’t like to lay it down flat when she bakes so this gem of a find will be a great solution.  The artist for this piece is Joann Stratakos.  This woodland friend keeps your sink organized and keeps you company during dish duty or when you bake.

Jordan loves bracelets.  She loves allllll the bracelets.  She is also a leopard gecko breeder and has geckos named after all the planets.  Her first gecko was Jupiter so I just know that that one is going to be her favorite.  The Earth and Beyond set of ten bracelets is gorgeous.  The bracelets are handmade by women in Guatemala, each bohemian-inspired bracelet offers a subtle nod to our planets.

Uncommon goods has so many fantastic and fabulous things made by artists and curated from around the globe.  I think you should go and check it out right now!  Comment and share your favorite product they sell from this post!  I wonder what we have in common!





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