Painted Wooden Signs in 5 Steps with Duncan and iLoveToCreate

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Painted wooden signs are fun additions to home decor and gifts.  Here is a quick and easy way to create painted wooden signs in 5 steps with Duncan acrylic paints a few products from iLoveToCreate.

Gather your supplies and get started.

Here are steps if you are interested.  This is what works for me.

  1. Paint the entire wooden surface with one coat of desired color of Duncan acrylic paint.
  2. Mix white Duncan acrylic paint ½ and ½ with water then paint from end to end of your board with mixture lightly.  Let dry.
  3. Add white polka dots with white Duncan paint.  Let dry.
  4. Sand edges of board with sandpaper lightly.
  5. Use black Duncan paint to add your words or message.  You could use stencils here.  Let dry.
  6. Add a coat of Collage Pauge (either matte or gloss) to finish.
Ta Da!  It is perfect on my baking shelves!
Here are 5 great signs you could create with this method. 
  1. A sign for your teacher’s desk with her name on it.
  2. A sign for the bathroom that reads “Flush”
  3. A sign for your pets that says Meow or Bark with cup hooks on the bottom for leashes.
  4. A sign for yourself with your word of the year…mine is grace!

It is so simple and they are so cute.  If you want to put them outdoors, you will need to put a coat of something else on them to protect them from the weather…but that is a whole other thing now isn’t it.

Happy Creating,


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