Patriotic Polka Dotted Cupcakes

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Polka Dotted Cupcakes

We made a rainbow cake and decided to put the extra baked cake tops to good use.  Because we had the most red and blue, it made perfect sense to make something patriotic.  So we did.  We made patriotic polka dotted cupcakes and they were fantastic.

We used the extra red and blue cake by mashing it into balls about the width of a dime.  Then we made a box mix of white cake and layered it in the cupcake liners with the red and blue balls.


These cupcake liners and this pan are from Wilton.  They are super fun because they make mega tall cupcakes!  You can get them here!

Once the cupcakes were completely cooled, we added butter cream frosting and sprinkles to the tops.  To decorate the liners, we tied ribbons and added a hand stamped tag using our stamp from Expressionery!  This stamp is called the Cupcake Heart Custom Stamp and we LOVE it.  So.Darn.Cute.


When we cut into the cupcake, it was a huge TA DA!  Check it out.  This one had two red dots and two blue that got put right next to each other.


Go for it.  Give it a try.  Even if you end up with a red, white and blue mess…it will be sweet and delicious!

Polka Dotted INSIDE Patriotic Cupcake #tallcupcake #kingsize #wilton #cupcake #patriotic #polkadot

If you love this cupcake pan as much as me, you might like baking these magical unicorn cupcakes too. They are so festive and fun because they are FILLED with sprinkles in the centers. The details and directions are here on the blog for you.

Sprinkle Filled Unicorn Cupcake Recipe #spriinkles #unicorn #cupcake #party

Seven Great Reasons to Bake

For me baking is a great way to express myself. I believe that it is a form of creativity. I am excited to share my TOP seven reasons to bake with you. Know that baking doesn’t need to be “from scratch” to count. It always counts even when it is only halfway homemade.

  1. Baking is like meditation. I find going through the steps of making a recipe to very calming and relaxing.
  2. Also, Baking stirs the senses, literally and figuratively.
  3. When I bake cookies, cakes, pies and treats; I find myself feeling creative and happy in my heart.
  4. Sometimes my kids bake with me and it creates a great time to bond and connect.
  5. Homemade treats make great gifts.
  6. Using recipes passed down from generations creates a magical connection to family.
  7. Honestly, baking boosts my morale. It is just plain good for the spirit.



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