Pour Painting Dinosaur Art

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Pour Painting Dinosaur Art

Pour painting has never been easier.  DecoArt has NEW Fluid Art Ready-To-Paint Acrylic Paints (available at Michaels) and I LOVE them because they are so easy peasy to work with.  I tried them for the first time to create this pour painting dinosaur art because I have a little friend turning five and he LOVES dinosaurs.  This is going to be perfect in his room with his books and special things.  I am super excited to share my pour painting project with you along with some tips and tricks.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Pour Painting Dinosaur with Ready to Pour Paints

Before I start sharing all of the awesome dinosaur details, let’s take a look at some of the other pour painting projects that members of the Laura Kelly Design Team created AND do a giveaway too.

DecoArt Pour Painting Tips and Tricks

Okay, what are you going to need to create 3-D art with pour painting?  Let’s make a list.

What You Need

  • DecoArt Fluid Ready-To-Paint Acrylic Paints (This uses a combo pack of four.)
  • 3-D Object (This uses a cardboard dinosaur.)
  • Pan to Collect Paint
  • Gloves
  • Paper Towels For Clean Up

Pour Painting Dinosaur DecoArt

Steps to Ready-To Pour Painting

First, put 3-D object IN the pan.

Second, put on GLOVES!

Third, start pouring.  This formulation of paint was created to glide easily over the 3-D surface so it works super smoothly.

Add colors, one at a time.  They are water based and highly pigmented for vivid pours.

If necessary or desired, pick up your pieces and flip it around to get the paint to roll over it the way you would like it to go.  As you see, the gloves come in super handy during this step.  The ease of this projects makes is perfect for any artist level.

Once your have covered your object and feel complete, lift it out of the pan and set it on something to dry.  If you leave it in the pan, it will dry into the puddle.

Once it has completely dried, your piece is ready to use as fabulous decor.  With twenty-six DIFFERENT colors available, the pour painting possibilities are endless.  This brontosaurus is adorable.

Pour Painting Tips

  • Shake gently before using.  Shaking too hard could cause bubbles to form.
  • Thin coverage works.  If the paint gets too thick, it could cause crazing.
  • If a glossy coat is desired, add a layer of DecoArt Clear Pouring Topcoat to dried artwork.

DecoArt Fluid Art Ready-To-Pour paints are available at Michaels!  Go get them and get started!





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  1. They’re all so cute and interesting in their own way, but I think that the Birdhouse Paint Pour is my favorite project. 🙂

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