Recycled Craft Girl Scout Picture Frame for Kids

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Use recycled cookie boxes to create darling framed photos and memories.

Girl Scout Cookie Box Recycled Picture Frame Craft

Don’t let those cookie boxes go to waste. Use them for adorable and crafty picture frame idea to make projects with your troop.

Materials and Supplies Needed

This picture frame for kids to make photo frame is super fun to create and amazingly practically mess free. There are so many fabulous colors of fast drying paint sticks from Kwik Stix so they can be made in a variety of color themes and pallets. Whether the goal is to have fun, access creativity, make gifts of just make art – this project is perfect for even the youngest of kids.

Directions for Picture Frame for Kids to Make

Start by choosing between 4-6 colors to use for the project. Younger kiddos will be more successful with this is they are not overwhelmed. Of course adults can make these darling handmade frames too and might want to use ALL of the beautiful colors.

Step One

Paint with the Kwik Stix on the back side of cereal and food boxes. The paint will dry SUPER fast (like in seconds).

Step Two

Cut the painted cardboard into pieces and pile it by color.

Step Three

Use a piece of cardboard from a food box as the base for the Picture Frame for Kids. Make it a bit larger than the photo. Glue the photo AND a piece of twine to the cardboard to get the project going.

Step Four

Add glue dots around the photo and on top of them add pieces of the cardboard. This glue from Therm-O-Web is great because it grabs the cardboard pieces and holds them in place immediately.

Add a few more layers of the cutout pieces until the photo is framed nicely. Be sure to cover the hanger with the fun colored pieces.

FREE Printables

Whether you are crafting to earn badges, team build, express creativity or for the fun of it – there is bound to be an idea here that is perfect for your troop! Cut out the promise or the las and add it to the back of your framed photo collage artwork.

You can grab these two in a post that I shared a while back.

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