Starting the Summer with Nick’s Garden Center in Denver

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Today was such a fabulous way to kick of the summer.  We spent the better part of the early afternoon at Nick’s Garden Center and OH.MY.GOSH!  We found the most amazing plants and wonders for our new backyard.  From plants to reinvent my fairy garden and new bonsai plants for Ryp’s forest to pond stuff and gardening things; we found EVERYTHING.  I am writing this post simply to share so that if you are ever in the Denver area, you will visit Nick’s Garden Center and Farm Market.  This post was not sponsored in any way.  We purchased all of the things in the photographs because we are on a mission to make our backyard magical while supporting local businesses.

Let’s just start with my fairy garden.  I shared a post a while back that showed how to make it in a wheelbarrow.  With our move, the whole thing got taken apart which was heartbreaking.  I am so thrilled to be able to reinvent it and cannot believe how awesome the little plant selection at Nick’s is.  I got five plants to get going an am so looking forward to watching them grow in a magical little kingdom.

This is what the last one looked like.  These are the directions to do it yourself.

I want to share a couple of pictures from the enormous miniature garden at Nick’s.  I love that someone though it would be cool to put plastic dinosaurs in it.

Okay, moving on.  This house came complete with a water feature in the backyard.  As of this morning, it was filled with algae and debris.  We cleaned it out and headed to Nick’s to get a little education and some water plants.  Eventually we want to add some life to it.  The guys who helped us were not only filled with knowledge and ideas for us but super kind and fun.  We ended up getting the chemicals necessary to clean it up and a few starter plants.  I was mostly excited about the tadpoles that I shared on Instagram but well….we are not so sure about growing frogs that big.

I shared a video on Facebook of the entire water feature once we had it up and going.  You can view it HERE and enjoy the peaceful sounds.  Ryp is out in the pond working right now.

I also gathered a bunch of flowers to plant along our patio.  They are super pretty and all in the ground ready to grow.  I think they will attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.  I hope they do anyway.

Maybe I can get them to look like the ones at Nick’s!

Ryp found two more trees to add to his bonsai forest.  They both need to be replanted and trimmed down so he is going to be busy.  I love watching him light up with excitement when he tends to his trees.  His passion is contagious.  I did try once to have a tree and well…it was really not my thing.  I am a great supporter though.

Oh wait, we also got everything we need to grow strawberries including a planter, soil and plants.  This is awesome because I was so afraid we were going to miss the strawberries from our old home.

I feel like I should share that Nick’s has a grill too!  We even at lunch there.

Oh, and Nick’s is dog friendly.  Scout had a ball and was treated with such love by other shoppers and the staff.

On the way out, Scout got treats.

The parking lot staff helped up load the car.  They were awesome sauce.


We had to relocate Scout to the front of the car so we could fit it all in.

There are still SO SO SO many things we want from Nick’s.  We need to plant a new garden with vegetables at this house.  It will be our third time around from scratch so I think we can do it.  It just takes time and money.I cannot give Nick’s Garden Center a high enough recommendation.  Seriously friends, go.  Go there and support a local family owned business while creating your own backyard magic.

Cheers to Growth,


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  1. I LOVE the dinosaurs in the garden and the other additions. I have to do this to my garden! Tagging this post for further reading later.

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