SWAPS Ribbon Rainbows for Girl Scouts

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I love SWAPS and everything about this entire new thing in Girl Scouts, added since I was a little girl.  These SWAPS ribbon rainbows are so easy to make and super bright.  I love the little message that goes with them and love that making them teaches stitching skills.


If you are wondering, what are SWAPS?  Here you go…SWAPS are Special.Whatchamatcallits.Affectionately.Pinned.Somewhere.  In everyday people terms, a SWAP is a small handmade crafty item (usually with a pin attached) that Girl Scouts exchange.  Girls make them to take to camps and events as conversation openers and for sharing.

If you want to make these, this is what I used.


Here is how I did it in pictures.  The cloud is 2 inches wide and the ribbon pieces are 2 inches long before being looped.  This awesome felt is from Kunin Group and the ribbon is from Offray.


It looks so bright and fun on a Junior vest.


It sure stands out on a Daisies vest too!


There are so many great ideas for SWAPS!  I plan to start sharing some more of the ones we make, what we use and how we do it.  Crafting SWAPS should be simple, fun and inspirational (according to me).

Check out these other two adorable SWAPS that I guest posted on blogs I love!  These two adorable ones are over on Housewife Hellraiser’s blog.  Her daughter is going to Girl Scout camp for the first time this summer.

Kunin SWAPS 2

The bright cheery flower SWAP with the lovely message is over on Kunin Group Blog.


They are all just so much fun I think!


Cheers to Girl Scouts and Crafting,


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29 thoughts on “SWAPS Ribbon Rainbows for Girl Scouts”

  1. Favorite memory so far is watching my daughter bridge to the next age level. So far she has bridged from Daisy to Brownie and now Brownie to Junior.

  2. I’ve been a Girl Scout my whole life! I learned so much from my experiences both as a girl and as a leader. I love the rainbow swap and I think I’m going to be making those VERY soon!

  3. my girls just participated in their first swap at camp this weekend! They loved it and are so excited for next year!! This would be amazing for them and they would loooooove making these!!!!

  4. My and my girls favourite moment so far probably is when they dared me to walk in the snow barefoot. What girl scout leaders do for their girls! #Troop5823

  5. My favorite memory is sending my 6 year old to overnight camp last summer. I was a nervous wreck and I got an email saying that there was severe weather and they all had to sleep in the lodge one night. Then no information at all, the internet then went down at the camp for the rest of the week, so I couldn’t even see pictures of her. When I went to pick her up, she asked me if she could stay longer! I was so proud of her. 🙂

  6. My troop of 14 Juniors would LOVE these, and would love to make them with our favorite Daisies (bridging to Brownies) that are a troop of 19! And, we have a few other troops that we like to team up with as sister-scouts too! Thanks!!

  7. Omgosh, this is too cute! I was a scout, and so are my 3 girls. We’ve had so much fun making swaps with our girls! My husband is a co-leader of a junior troop (has Ben since they were brownies). I am a co-leader of our Daisy troop, so this is an awesome prize!!!

  8. My kindergarten Daisy troop sold enough cookies this year to earn a trip to the Kalahari waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells! I’m so proud of their hard work!

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